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Daily News Roundup – 3.14.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


US to challenge China on rare earths curbs at WTO (via Reuters)

Obama announces Chinese trade action on rare-earth minerals (via The Hill)

US, EU, and Japan challenging China’s export restrictions on rare earth elements, tungsten, and molybdenum (via Green Car Congress)

Rare earths specialists say a trade case against China may be too late (via New York Times)


US solar power growth jumps to new record (via Reuters)

Top ten US solar stats from 2011 (via Greentech Media)

Solar silicon price drop brings renewable power closer (via Bloomberg)

Clean Energy Trends 2012 report released (via CleanTechnica)

Renewable energy will cost grid more: MIT (via AOL Energy)

Could Minnesota get by on 100 percent renewables? (via Midwest Energy News)

Grid smarts get Texas amounts of wind and renewables (via Greentech Media)

DC considers community solar gardens and shared solar arrays (via TreeHugger)

US Navy Secretary defends biofuels investment (via Huffington Post/Associated Press)

Wind power mover: 500-mile transmission line bound for Illinois (via Earth Techling)


Cool, wet weather fails to dilute evidence of warming (via The Australian)

Rising sea levels seen as threat to coastal US (via New York Times)

Nobel economists urge Obama: back EU carbon limits (via Reuters)

UN report: rising demand, climate change threaten global water supplies (via RTT News)

California ready to cut greenhouse gases. Next, doing it. (via Christian Science Monitor)

Paying too much for carbon offsets? (via The Tyee)

ND to Minnesota: we’ll put our CO2 underground (via Midwest Energy News)

Study finds more Great Lakes birds adversely affected by mercury (via Midwest Energy News)


Report weighs the effects if Vermont Yankee were to close (via Sentinel Source)


Natural gas to take 14% of coal’s market share in 2012 (via Facts of the Day)

Natural gas vehicle plan sputters in Senate (via The Hill)

New York State Assembly includes fracking health study in budget proposal (via Huffington Post/Associated Press)


Green energy group seeks on the ground action for electric cars (via The Hill)

Americans took 10.4 billion trips on public transit in 2011 (via Good)

Navy buys $60,000 worth of EV charging stations (via CleanTechnica)


Study warns of economic damage in a Keystone XL spill (via New York Times)

Senate turns back Keystone XL, drilling expansion again (via Houston Chronicle)


Researchers: oil from BP spill got into ocean food chain (via

North Dakota’s Bakken Shale boom is visible from space (via ThinkProgress Green)


Whisper it, but the EU’s climate strategy is working (via BusinessGreen)

Bitter spill: leaky Keystone’s economic risks would dwarf benefits (via Grist)

Would energy independence change our lives? (via National Geographic)

How to avoid a wind and solar trade war (via Council on Foreign Relations)

Can green gamification save the world? (via Triple Pundit)

A clean tech trade war with China? (via Energy Collective)

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