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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.21.13

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable. 


World Economic Forum: investment-grade green infrastructure “a precondition for sustainable growth” (via BusinessGreen)


Mercury emissions treaty adopted after years of negotiations (via New York Times)

EU carbon auction cancelled due to prices falling below reserve (via BusinessGreen)

Beijing plans industrial shutdown rules as smog crisis continues (via BusinessGreen)


US rural co-op utilities to spend $4.1 billion on smart grid through 2017 (via Greentech Media)

Energy forecasting: a new approach to managing demand (via AOL Energy)

A smart energy zone grows in Silicon Valley (via Greentech Media)

Idaho Power seeks major changes to net metering program (via Renew Grid)


Australia could be powered by 100% renewable energy within 10 years (via Inhabitat)

UK scientists to mimic plans to make zero-carbon fuel (via Reuters)

“Slow renewables” EU chief tells Germany (via Recharge)

Cut looms for Japanese solar feed-in tariff (via Recharge)

China’s wind industry, like solar, in world of hurt (via EarthTechling)

US installed 13.2GW of wind energy in 2012 (via Forbes)

FERC regulatory change could boost distributed solar in the US (via CleanTechnica)

Offshore wind projects could provide refreshing energy source (via Forbes)

192,000 acres for solar, wind development announced for Arizona (via Sustainable Business)


Interior Department delays issuing fracking rules (via The Hill)

Taking a harder look at fracking and health (via New York Times)

Dow Chemical leaves National Association of Manufacturers over LNG export policy (via The Hill)


Survival of the fittest: ocean acidification produces winners and losers (via

US mayors focus on “local warming,” urge Obama to act (via Reuters)

With warming, soil releases more CO2, though less over time as microbes adapt (via Mother Jones)

Climate change to profoundly affect the Midwest in coming decades (via


Coal miner exodus pressures industry (via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Former Montana Gov. Schweitzer calls most Washington coal export plans “dead” (via SNL Energy)


EU consortium tries to prepare grid for influx of electric vehicles (via Renew Grid)

European EV sales will jump fivefold by decade’s end (via Autoblog Green)

2012 hybrid & electric vehicle sales jump 73% (via Facts of the Day)

New cars must be green, say young buyers in study (via Green Car Reports)


Quarterly forecast for Big Oil: sunny and profitable (via Houston Chronicle)

Where the US imports its oil from, in one map (via Washington Post)


Report: annual investment in watershed protection tops $8 billion (via BusinessGreen)

Marginal lands could curtail food vs. fuel fight (via EarthTechling)

After tree die-off, runts to the rescue (via New York Times)


Nuclear reactor for tar sands to be operational by 2020 (via Huffington Post)


Obama to confront oil pipeline, climate change in second term (via AP)

How serious is Barack Obama about climate change? (via The Guardian)

Joe Biden to climate activists: “keep the faith” (via Politico)

Senior State Department climate official heads to DOE (via The Hill)


Red governors, green jobs: could 2013 be the turning point for clean energy? (via Good)

Despite conservative attacks, states continue to realize the benefits of renewable energy standards (via Climate Progress)

Are Arctic oil-drilling challenges too great? (via National Journal)

Three no-brainer electric car trends in 2013 (via Plugin Cars)

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