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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 1.23.13

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable. 


Nebraska governor approves new Keystone XL route (via New York Times)

Nebraska approval puts Keystone pipeline decision squarely on Obama (via Globe and Mail)

US State Department: no Keystone decision before end of Q1 2013 (via Reuters)

Obama’s own words turn up heat on Keystone decision (via Politico)

Sierra Club to engage in civil disobedience for first time in opposition to Keystone XL (via San Francisco Chronicle)


Four of five British have not heard of government’s energy efficiency Green Deal (via BusinessGreen)

Senate bill targets energy efficiency for climate strategy (via Politico)

DC, Virginia, Colorado top US in 2012 LEED certifications (via Energy Manager Today)

Berkeley Lab predicts more energy efficiency incentives in South, Midwest (via Energy Manager Today)

California to invest $2.5 billion retrofitting energy-wasting schools (via Forbes)


China’s solar market boomed in Q4, accounting for third of global demand (via Forbes)

Japan’s solar tariff may drop 12% as costs sink, BNEF estimates (via Bloomberg)

Global insurers see opportunity in renewable energy (via Recharge)

EU proposes duties on US bioethanol imports (via Reuters)

Chinese solar panel imports drop amid new US tariffs (via Houston Chronicle)

Total solar scenario for Earth: plenty, with room to spare (via EarthTechling)

Ikea to double spending on renewable energy to $4 billion (via Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg) 

Taller wind turbines boost state energy self-reliance (via CleanTechnica)

New bill proposed for Maryland offshore wind (via Recharge)

Wind farm towers: taller and slower with more power (via Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

Wind energy company could be required to track, protect condors (via Bakersfield Californian)


Supreme Court won’t hear challenge to EPA pollution rule (via The Hill)

Court ruling casts doubt on future of EPA monitoring program (via Greenwire)

California greenhouse gas emissions drop for 3rd year (via Sustainable Business)


A123 expects Wanxiang sale to be finished by Feb 1 (via Autoblog Green)

Lux Research: Boeing “should have used a safer battery” (via Environmental Leader)

More electric car charging stations open in Atlanta (via Atlanta Journal-Constitution)


Sen. Rockefeller reshaping his federal mine safety legislation (via Register-Herald)

Coal trains: what is the impact? (via Skagit Valley Herald)

The people and process behind Bellingham’s coal port decision (via Crosscut)

Iowa utility agrees to stop using coal at five generators (via Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

Betting on Indiana coal: Duke wants ratepayers to fund retrofits, enviros cry foul (via Midwest Energy News)


Australian utilities reluctant to invest in smart grid (via Renew Grid)

How much electric supply capacity is needed to keep US electricity grids reliable? (via US EIA)

In fuel cells, the US plays catch-up (via Pike Research)


Poll shows country split on climate change (via The Hill)

In inaugural address, Obama makes a moral case for action on climate change (via Washington Post)

Obama signals new executive authority focus on climate change (via Los Angeles Times)

Obama could bypass Congress to fulfill climate pledge (via Bloomberg)

Death from above: Chicago’s bird casualties offer clues on climate change (via Grist)


Shareholders challenge Exxon, Chevron over climate risks (via GreenBiz)


Natural gas vehicles remain less prevalent in US than elsewhere (via Houston Chronicle)

Huntsman Corp. joins campaign against US natural gas exports (via Houston Chronicle)


An early nuclear warning: was it for naught? (via New York Times)

Fish caught near Fukushima shows radiation level 2,500 above safety standards (via Daily Mail)


A quick, awesome must-read on climate change (via Mother Jones)

Will Germany banish fossil fuels before the US? (via Grist)

Enough with our cult of the presidency – the climate’s fate rests with Congress (via Grist)

The climate change endgame (via New York Times)

The 14 fossil-fuel projects poised to f*ck up the climate (via Grist)

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