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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.18.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable. 


Computer models of Earth’s climate change confirmed on Mars (via Reuters)

Too late to stop global warming by cutting emissions: scientists argue for adaptation (via

Insurance giant cites climate in rising North American disaster costs (via The Hill)

NOAA revives weather satellite after lengthy outage (via Climate Central)

Pacific Ocean patterns tied to violent tornado outbreaks (via Climate Central)

Companies seeing impacts of climate change (via C2ES)


US taxpayers poised to subsidize Asian coal demand (via Reuters)

Debating coal: what gets left out of the discussion (via Charleston Gazette)

CSX sees soft utility coal demand continuing into 2013 (via Reuters)

Consultant: end of Appalachian coal mining is near (via SNL Energy)


Innovation could halve cost of UK wave power (via BusinessGreen)

EU accused of watering down biofuels policy (via BusinessGreen)

India’s 39% plunge in wind installations may spur mergers (via Bloomberg)

EU approves launch of UK’s $4.8 billion Green Investment Bank (via Recharge)

PV module consolidation in 2013-2014: what to expect (via Greentech Media)

Third-party solar ownership and monitoring residential rooftops (via Greentech Media)

Solyndra private lenders ranking ahead of government won’t fully recover funds (via Bloomberg)

40% of corn and 14% of soybean crops used for biofuels (via Facts of the Day)

Wind production exceeds hydro in Pacific Northwest for first time (via Idaho Statesman)


In China, a power struggle of a different order (via New York Times)

GAO: Energy production threatens to strain nation’s water supply (via The Hill)


German grid power fees to rise 10% in 2013 with shift to renewables (via Reuters)

Survey finds Canadians are open to the smart grid (via Renew Grid)

PJM Interconnection, New York ISO join forces (via Renew Grid)

NYISO: push toward wind power deflating as natural gas price falls (via Albany Times Union)


Alberta sets up environmental monitor for oil sands (via Reuters)

Texas landowners take a rare stand against Big Oil (via Yahoo! News/AP)


EDF Climate Corps fellows ‘average $1m’ in savings for host companies (via Environmental Leader)


To keep or to export? The Northwest’s natural gas debate (via Oregon Public Radio)


Study: households manage PHEV charging without help from online tools (via Green Car Congress)


Global oil trade in throes of historic shift (via CNN/Financial Times)


Obama v Romney: who’s right on oil production? (via Houston Chronicle)

Obama, Romney cherry-pick energy data to make their cases (via Greenwire)

Why Romney didn’t pounce on the A123 bankruptcy during the debate (via Plugin Cars)

It’s miner versus miner in Ohio coal war ads (via Politico)


Will climate change lead to more droughts? (via The Guardian)

What can we learn from Europe’s cap-and-trade system? (via Washington Post)

Coal in the presidential campaign: sound and fury, signifying little (via Grist)

Video series reveals the true cost of coal (via Huffington Post)


An additional listing of clean energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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