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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.29.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable. 


Nuclear reactors await Hurricane Sandy (via New York Times)

Activists urge leaders to “connect the dots” with climate and Hurricane Sandy (via InsideClimate News)

US power companies brace for Hurricane Sandy (via Reuters)

Are utilities ready for Hurricane Sandy? (via Forbes)

How storms like Sandy batter insurance companies (via Washington Post)

Costly repairs: hurricane changes homeowners policy (via USA Today)


Iran’s coal shipping trade booms despite Western sanctions (via Reuters)

Coal resurgence threatens UK climate change targets (via The Guardian)

US shale gas drives up coal exports (via Phys,org)


Concentrated solar power could supply 11.3% of global electricity by 2050 (via CleanTechnica)

Nine clean energy replacement technologies (via Sustainable Industries)

German renewable energy expansion outpaces forecasts, will achieve 50% by 2025 (via Washington Post)

China’s State Grid to help solar power producers (via Reuters)

Windmills overload East Europe’s grid risking blackout (via Bloomberg)

Masdar plans renewable energy push in Mideast region (via The National)

Morocco pushes solar master plan with beefed up Desertec partnership (via BusinessGreen)

London Array powers up first offshore wind turbines (via BusinessGreen)

South Africa to beef up renewable energy (via Business Report)

Wind energy potential under exploited in India (via Panchabuta)

Training for US green jobs falls far short of federal goals (via Reuters)

Abound Solar bankruptcy under criminal investigation in Colorado (via Denver Post)


FERC Order 745 raises payments and questions for demand response (via Greentech Media)

PJM Interconnection, MISO announce Order 1000 filing with FERC (via Renew Grid)

Pacific Northwest smart grid goes live (via Tri-City Herald)


Regulators push for hybrid-electric warning sound requirement for blind pedestrians (via Autoblog Green)

Cool Planet projects production of carbon–negative biogasoline for $1.50 per gallon (via Green Car Congress)


Why companies’ top struggles lie in sustainable supply chains (via GreenBiz)

Sustainability to dominate packaging industry in 10 years (via Environmental Leader)

Can suppliers meet retailers’ rising sustainability expectations? (via GreenBiz)

A test drive for the sustainable ski industry model (via Climate Progress)


IMF study: peak oil could do serious damage to the global economy (via Washington Post)

UK energy investment hits 20-year high (via BusinessGreen)


Don’t think drought is a big deal? It knocked .4% off growth last quarter (via Washington Post)

US study checks climate, conflict link in East Africa (via United Press International)

UK scientists cast doubt on shale gas low carbon credentials (via BusinessGreen)

Toward a tougher cap and trade program (via New York Times)


Obama ‘surprised’ climate didn’t surface at presidential debates (via The Hill)

In a shift from 2008 race, Obama’s hush on climate (via NPR)

On climate policy, Romney walks a tightrope (via Seattle Public Radio)

Romney brings up talk of a wind subsidy “phaseout” (via New York Times)

Pennsylvania coal region backing off its Democratic bent (via Philadelphia Inquirer)


What is climate silence costing us? (via National Journal)

Why the US is not the new Saudi Arabia of oil (via Energy Bulletin)

Why Saudi Arabia is taking a shine to solar (via Christian Science Monitor)

Solar energy is ready, the US isn’t (via San Francisco Chronicle)

Despite GOP jeers, BrightSource succeeds in solar (via Grist)

As climate change causes sea level to rise, New Jersey must adapt (via Trenton Times)


An additional listing of clean energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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