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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 10.9.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable. 


Up to 77GW of coal plant capacity to retire over next five years (via Chicago Tribune/Reuters)

China spending $14 billion on coal-to-gas pilot projects (via Reuters)


Carbon feedback from permafrost melt will likely add .4-1.4 degrees to total global warming by 2100 (via Climate Progress)

Researcher finds CO2 emissions rise faster in good times than they fall in bad (via

Scientists close in on causes of Arctic methane leaks (via Climate Central)

Indonesian palm oil is growing source of CO2 emissions (via Yale e360)

Beijing to give clearer indication of air quality (via


Global clean energy investment down 20% in Q3 (via Reuters)

Glut of solar panels poses a new threat to China (via New York Times)

China vs. the US: what’s at stake for renewable energy? (via National Journal)

The green republic? Germany’s wind energy boom (via AOL Energy)

German scientists double efficiency of black silicon solar cells (via Inhabitat)

Vestas, Siemens join 42 companies to cut offshore wind costs (via Bloomberg)

Lessons from China’s solar industry woes (via Innovation Files)

Japan drafts grid expansion plan to boost wind power (via Recharge)

US regulators hear final arguments before China solar tariff decision (via Greentech Media)

Wind power spurs jobs, income gains at county level in US (via EarthTechling)

10 significant state policies for distributed solar energy (via Sustainable Business)

SolarCity plans multi-million dollar IPO (via BusinessGreen)

South Carolina offshore wind could produce thousands of jobs, billions in wages and government revenue (via CleanTechnica)


Grid-scale energy storage in China to become $500M market by 2016 (via Greentech Media)

USDA dishes out $9.8 million more for smart grid projects (via Renew Grid)

Net metering jumped 61% nationally in 2010 (via Facts of the Day)

Connecticut considering smarter grid, more renewables (via Renew Grid)


US to help India form shale gas licensing framework (via Panchabuta)

USGS’ first assessment of Utica Shale gas resources: 38 trillion cubic feet (via Green Car Congress)


Bloomberg reports, now brought to you using wind power (via BusinessGreen)

Nike, Campbell Soup, Chevron among “best corporate citizens” (via Environmental Leader)


Iraq’s oil output to double this decade – IEA (via Reuters)

Norway to increase carbon tax on oil industry (via Reuters)

Middle East, North Africa oil producers to invest $740 billion in next 5 years (via Houston Chronicle)

$4 gas: get used to it (via CNN Money)

Why California’s gas prices are going haywire (via Washington Post)


Energy savers push  $374 billion US utility industry to shift (via Bloomberg)

Ikea stores to only sell LED lighting by 2016 (via Seattle Times/AP)


Oceans’ rising acidity a threat to shellfish – and humans (via Los Angeles Times)

Study says temperature target may doom international climate talks (via Climate Central)

American newspapers give far more coverage to climate deniers and skeptics than other countries (via Climate Progress)


Oil on the tracks: how rail is quietly picking up pipelines’ tar sands slack (via DeSmogBlog)


Better battery-control software could double charging speed (via Green Car Reports)

GM Volt, plug-in Prius buoy US rechargeable-car gains (via Bloomberg)

EV charging stations to hit 11 million by 2020 (via CleanTechnica)

Mercedes quietly plots course for EV sales in US (via Plugin Cars)

California’s skyrocketing gas prices could boost EV sales (via Plugin Cars)


Romney’s goals on environmental regulations would face difficult path (via New York Times)

Coal war rages in presidential campaigns (via Houston Chronicle)

Under election-season radar, signs of bipartisan support for clean energy (via Renewable Energy World)


Why we can’t bank on recessions to keep global warming in check (via Guardian)

Yes, coal is dying, but no EPA is not the main culprit (via Grist)

Can New York and the nation frack safely and profitably? (via Forbes)

5 things to know about SolarCity’s IPO – and it’s not all good (via GigaOm)


An additional listing of clean energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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