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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 11.13.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable. 


EU proposes withholding 900 million emissions credits to boost carbon price (via BusinessGreen)

South Korea restricts carbon offsets, sets rules for giveaways (via Bloomberg)

California carbon market at risk amid opposition (via Christian Science Monitor)


Water shortages threaten energy plans from US to China (via Bloomberg)

American energy renaissance redraws global energy map: IEA (via AOL Energy)

M&A activity surging within power and utilities sector (via Renew Grid)


China leads the way as demand for coal surges worldwide (via New York Times)

Coal electricity generation market share bouncing back to 40.2% as coal displaces gas in 2013 (via Facts of the Day)

Many coal-fired power plants “ripe for retirement” (via Bloomberg)

Montana coal railroad line faces federal review (via Bloomberg Businessweek/AP)


China puts up second round of funding to stimulate solar growth (via Recharge)

Bosch joins Siemens in exiting Desertec mega-solar initiative (via Recharge)

A battery of issues to tackle China’s grid-curtailment issue (via Recharge)

Ethiopia on track to complete first mega-dams by 2015 (via Reuters)

Factions fight over wind tax credit extension (via Politico)


Tesla Model S awarded 2013 Motor Trend car of the year (via Autoblog)

Combined global LEAF and Volt sales pass 75,000 (via Plugin Cars)

A123 bidding starts soon from as many as four companies (via Autoblog Green)

California bullet-train planners face huge engineering challenge (via Los Angeles Times)


Moody’s predicts Obama will approve Keystone XL pipeline (via The Hill)

US to be world’s top oil producer in 5 years, report says (via New York Times)


Water supply in a warming world (via New York Times)

Climate change could wipe out coffee by 2080 (via Inhabitat)

Rising sea level may trigger groundwater floods (via Climate Central)

Federal flood insurance, already fragile, faces new stress (via New York Times)


LEED losing its appeal, survey finds (via Environmental Leader)

Johnson Controls opens energy-efficiency apps marketplace (via GreenBiz)

LED replacements for 100-watt bulbs hit stores after federal ban on energy hogs (via Washington Post/AP)

Publication catalogs state and local energy efficiency policies (via Midwest Energy News)


Norquist: carbon tax swap for income tax cut wouldn’t violate no tax hike pledge (via National Journal)

Axlerod: IEA report proves Obama energy policies working (via The Hill)


Germany has built clean energy economy that US rejected 30 years ago (via InsideClimate News)

US will be oil giant again, but it won’t be energy independent (via Time)

The moral logic of climate communication (via Grist)

Analysis: why Michigan’s renewable energy amendment failed (via Midwest Energy News)


An additional listing of clean energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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