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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 11.16.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable. 


South Korea warns of rolling power blackouts in winter (via Reuters)

Top Senate lawmakers see chance to revamp US energy policy (via Reuters)

CFTC appeals court decision to halt derivatives rule (via The Hill)

Sen. Wyden sees ‘third path’ on offshore drilling royalties (via The Hill)

Emanuel proposes city keep residents’ savings from electricity aggregation deal (via Chicago Tribune)

New Jersey utility customers file lawsuit over Sandy response (via Asbury Park Press)


$866 billion global environmental market up 4 percent in 2011 (via BusinessGreen)

Sustainability issues among top 10 global concerns (via GreenBiz)


America’s coal export dilemma intensifies (via Sustainable Business)

Patriot Coal to phase out mountaintop removal (via Charleston Gazette)


Australia to shelve solar PV incentive six months early (via BusinessGreen)

UK’s biggest solar plant cleared for construction at airfield (via Bloomberg)

Wind power wobbles off its high growth track (via EarthTechling)

Sen. Murkowski floats five-year phaseout of wind tax credit (via The Hill)

Wind industry lukewarm over Obama victory (via Mother Jones)

Google backs Iowa wind farm, has put close to $1 billion into clean power (via GigaOm)

For solar power employment, think installer (via Greentech Media)


Shale oil will boost US production, but it won’t bring energy independence (via MIT Technology Review)

BP to pay $4 billion to resolve oil spill criminal claims (via Greenwire)

In BP indictments, US shifts to hold individuals accountable (via New York Times)

BP’s settlement is only the beginning of the end for the Gulf oil spill (via Time)


Achieving scalability in energy management (via GreenBiz)

Maine ripe for energy-efficiency savings of 16 percent over next decade (via Portland Press-Herald)


Canadian ice sheet responded rapidly to ancient climate change (via Mongabay)

US considers shifting climate negotiations away from UN track (via The Guardian)

Indirect effects of climate change could alter landscapes (via

The whole truth about Superstorm Sandy and climate change (via Washington Post)


The growing costs of natural disasters (via The Atlantic)

Taxpayers at risk as storm bills come due (via New York Times)

Political support for a sea wall in New York Harbor begins to form (via ClimateWire)


UN aviation body to decide on emissions market plan in 2013 (via Bloomberg)

GM to concentrate on plug-in electric cars, downplay hybrids (via Green Car Reports)

Carlos Ghosn remains optimistic on Nissan’s EV sales forecast (via Autoblog Green)

New OnStar app lets Chevy Volt drivers compete on electric miles driven (via Green Car Reports)


Export US natural gas, yes or no? (via Wall Street Journal)


An “energy data center” for California’s smart grid? (via Greentech Media)

Sandy math: undergrounding all power lines would double electricity bills (via Facts of the Day)


Keystone XL’s path for approval grows rougher (via The Globe and Mail)

Environmentalists, industry leaders renew fight over Keystone XL (via Houston Chronicle)

Poll: independent voters favor renewables over Keystone XL by 4-1 margin (via Climate Progress)


Poll: renewable energy helped swing US election (via PV Tech)

Survey: Americans believe the President and Congress need to make climate change a priority (via EcoAffect)

Did wind swing the election? (via Greentech Media)


Three viable paths for fixing climate in Obama’s second term (via The Atlantic)

Is the BP criminal settlement enough? (via Mother Jones)


An additional listing of clean energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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