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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 11.20.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable. 


South African investors warned against “carbon bubble” risk (via BusinessGreen)

Study: carbon pricing can help Europe cut deficits (via BusinessGreen)

California cap-and-trade auction sells out (via Huffington Post/AP)

California carbon market launches, permits priced below expectations (via Reuters)

WMO: Greenhouse gas volumes reached new high in 2011 (via Reuters)


More than 1,000 new coal plants planned worldwide, 75% in China and India (via The Guardian)

China’s Jan-Oct net coal imports up 40 percent on year (via Reuters)

Obama may soften proposed crackdown on coal ash disposal (via Forbes)


Sustainable investment up 22% in two years (via Environmental Leader)

Wipro takes top spot in green electronics rankings (via GreenBiz)

Demand for EPEAT’s “greener” electronics up almost 30 percent (via EarthTechling)


Asia to account for quarter of offshore wind market through 2016 (via Recharge)

India faces growing pains for its solar market (via GigaOm)

China to hit 60GW on-grid wind power by end of 2012 (via Recharge)

China grabs share in Latin America wind with cheap loans (via Bloomberg)

Preparing for “cheaper than grid” solar electricity (via CleanTechnica)

Could going solar save teacher salaries? (via Forbes)

Are renewables stormproof? Sandy tested solar, wind (via Christian Science Monitor)


SUNY closes industry-backed fracking institute (via Bloomberg)

Drillers begin reusing ‘frack water’ (via Wall Street Journal)

Fracking regulations back on the agenda in Illinois (via Midwest Energy News)

Mining sand for fracking causes friction in Wisconsin (via Los Angele Times)


October was 332nd consecutive globally warm month (via Wired Science)

Investors warn climate change is putting pensions at risk (via BusinessGreen)

Arctic coastal towns eager for ports as ice melts, ocean traffic picks up (via EnergyWire)

Amid budget scrutiny, CIA shutters climate change center (via Greenwire)

As coasts rebuild and US pays, critics ask why (via New York Times)

130 Iowa scientists say drought consistent with climate change (via Huffington Post/AP)

Holding back floodwaters with a balloon (via New York Times)

Do the math: Mr. McKibben goes to Washington (via Climate Progress)


Opower, the big data energy player to beat (via GigaOm)


Ignoring natural capital could see countries’ credit ratings downgraded (via BusinessGreen)

Great US drought of 2012 to last into Spring 2013 (via Weather Underground)

Scientists pioneer method to predict environmental collapse (via


GM to combine internal R&D and external investments for new technology (via Green Car Congress)

Chicago buys a fleet of electric garbage trucks (via Sustainable Business)


After election wins, greens map policy strategy (via Politico)

Ron Wyden, Lisa Murkowski ready for energy partnership (via Politico)


After Sandy: why we can’t keep rebuilding on the water’s edge (via Time)

10 reasons a carbon tax is trickier than you think (via Grist)

We’re on pace for 4 degrees Celsius of global warming. Here’s why that terrifies the World Bank (via Washington Post)

Climate scientists are Nate Silver, radio edition (via Grist)


An additional listing of clean energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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