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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 11.29.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable. 


China, EU comments show reduced scope of UN climate talks (via Bloomberg)

Europe defends emissions record at Doha climate talks (via

Climate talks buffeted by the force of Superstorm Sandy (via Los Angeles Times)

Can Europe step up at Doha? (via AOL Energy)

Understanding the Doha climate talks in three charts (via Washington Post)


Climate “changing before our eyes” – World Meteorological Organization (via Yahoo! News)

Arctic sea ice larger than size of US melted this year (via Time/AP)

EU’s Hedegaard: Obama needs to think beyond US on climate (via Reuters)

Developing cities face perfect storm of environmental risks (via

California confronts a sea change (via Los Angeles Times)

“Atmospheric River” takes aim on West Coast, warmup on Plains (via Climate Central)

Christie says New Jersey Sandy damage now $36.8 billion (via Bloomberg)


Desertec project puts spotlight on Mena region (via The National)

India could see 89GW of installed wind power by 2020 (via Panchabuta)

China may pass Germany as largest PV market in 2013 (via Recharge)

ARPA-E backs 66 projects: energy beets, fabric wind blades, dust devils (via GigaOm)


Oversupply to depress oil prices next year (via Reuters)

EPA suspends BP from government contracts (via The Hill)


Change in conversation on climate and energy likely (via Miami Herald/InsideClimate News)

The military-industrial-sustainability complex (via Greentech Media)

US Chamber makes energy push in fiscal cliff talks (via The Hill)


As nations haggle, global carbon reduction targets get impossibly deep (via Reuters)

Vietnam starts cap-and-trade system in 2020 (via Sustainable Business)

Scientists develop standardized analysis of city pollution emissions (via Yale e360)

EPA threatened with lawsuit to force cap on greenhouse gap emissions (via TreeHugger)

Free-market and pro-fossil fuel groups ally to hold the line against a carbon tax (via ClimateWire)

Traffic pollution exposure linked to autism in young children (via Autoblog Green)


Alberta tar sands oil boom drives push for northern pipeline (via Yale e360)

Enbridge bid to dismiss landowners’ lawsuit fails, pipeline case to continue (via InsideClimate News)

Potential Sec. of State Susan Rice holds stock in Keystone pipeline developer (via The Hill)


Report: developing world must act now to climate-proof cities (via BusinessGreen)

What Washington, DC needs now: a few good skyscrapers (via Grist)


50+ utilities join smart grid customer engagement group (via Renew Grid)

Electric grid needs advancements to keep pace with consumption (via Houston Chronicle)


Results “humble” so far for Polish shale gas exploration (via Reuters)

Room for feds and states in regulation of hydraulic fracturing (via Houston Chronicle)

“The entire natural gas system” is driving methane emissions (via EnergyWire) 

Top US Senators push for natural gas exports (via Houston Chronicle)

Leaking natural gas infrastructure and how to fix it (via Conservation Law Foundation)


UK government reveals plan for energy efficiency incentives (via BusinessGreen)

Rewrite of Ohio energy-efficiency standards likely dead for now (via Columbus Dispatch)


Automakers gear up for a green holiday season (via NBC News)

Road tripping on Tesla’s electric highway (via Forbes)

Crossing Canada in an electric car? Free charging makes it happen (via Green Car Reports)


As Great Lakes plummet, towns try to save harbors (via Google/AP)

Nineteen Atlantic tropical storms three consecutive years: a very rare event (via Weather Underground)


The Doha climate debate (via Council on Foreign Relations)

Senate should pass hydropower improvements (via Politico)

Why clean energy isn’t enough: “Carbon Zero,” chapter two (via Grist)

Why solar makes more economic sense in Tanzania than in Florida (via Forbes)


An additional listing of clean energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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