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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 11.7.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable. 


Energy winners and losers: a snapshot (via The Hill)

Election takeaway for fossil fuel industry: money can’t buy you love (via Huffington Post)

Exit polls say Sandy was a deciding factor for millions of voters in election (via Climate Progress)

What would US climate advocates consider a political ‘win’ in the elections? (via Climate Progress)

Enviros quickly press victorious Obama to nix Keystone pipeline (via The Hill)

Beyond Obama: green ballot measures that won and lost (via Grist)

Michigan rejects measure to expand renewable energy standard (via Midwest Energy News)

“Solar Team” goes dark; voters choose three Republicans for Arizona Corporation Commission (via Phoenix New Times)


Harsher energy regulations coming in Obama’s second term (via Reuters)

US power prices will continue to increase (via AOL Energy)

Chicago votes yes on municipal energy aggregation (via Midwest Energy News)


Spain delays plan to feed African solar power to Europe (via Reuters)

Chile’s 20% by 2020 renewables dream set to remain just that (via Recharge)

Renault flicks switch on industry’s ‘largest’ solar system (via BusinessGreen)

PV power to China’s State Grid rockets upward (via Greentech Media)

In India’s solar revolution, small is big (via Huffington Post)

Can we really blame China for solar manufacturer bankruptcies? Yes (via Renewable Energy World)

Election offers hope for one-year PTC extension (via Recharge)

Geothermal designs arise as stormproof resource (via New York Times)

Report finds solar could reduce PA & NJ power market prices by $55/Mwh (via Facts of the Day)

Colorado’s community solar program allots 9MW in just 30 minutes (via Renewable Energy World)

Southern California Edison signs PPAs for 37.5MW of solar (via Renew Grid)


Report: coal trains would snarl Seattle traffic (via Seattle Times)


Japan takes different tack on climate change efforts (via Wall Street Journal)

Changes in sea saltiness show we’re affecting the climate (via Climate Central)

Climate blindness risked as satellites lose their eyes (via New Scientist)

Obama faces pressure to tackle climate change as he returns to White House (via BusinessGreen)

Climate policy advances in the states, but slowly (via Washington Post)

Why California law, not the presidential election, is a carbon game changer (via GreenBiz)


EIA: US petroleum imports headed below 40 percent (via The Hill)

Don’t worry Big Oil, Obama probably doesn’t hate you as much as you think (via Forbes)


Fuel economy numbers are increasing but still have a long way to go to hit 54.5 (via Autoblog Green)

Over 6,000 plug-in sales lead October alt-fuel sales rise (via Autoblog Green)

Home Depot now sells 30 electric–car charging stations (via Green Car Reports)

Toyota Prius – how long will my battery last? (via Mapawatt)

Suzuki’s small cars were wrong fit in US (via New York Times)


Europe cashing in on smart meters as the US lags (via Forbes)

ABB heralds historic green energy grids game-changer (via Reuters)


UK green economy on the rise – but remains to be fully exploited (via The Guardian)


Germany needs natural gas to meet CO2 reduction goals – study (via Reuters)

Obama could put heat on drillers but stall gas exports (via Reuters)

President’s re-election brings more good news than bad for natural gas (via Facts of the Day)


Pentagon challenges China’s monopoly on rare earths (via Bloomberg)


An additional listing of clean energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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