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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.14.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


Landmark IPCC climate change report leaked online (via The Guardian)

Rising waters could cost metro Vancouver $9.5 billion by 2100 (via Vancouver Sun)

Study finds insurance industry paying increasing attention to climate change (via

US National Intelligence Council warns that climate change could ‘stoke international tensions’ (via Inhabitat)

Poll: 4 out of 5 call climate change a serious US problem (via The Hill)

Western US demonstrates scale of climate challenge (via Huffington Post)


60% of British Columbia opposes Enbridge pipeline (via Vancouver Observer)

Texas judge lifts halt on Keystone XL pipeline construction (via Reuters)


China ups 2012 solar industry subsidies to $2.1 billion (via Reuters)

Wind to lead Latin American renewables growth by 2020 (via Renewable Energy World)

US lawmakers to push tax code change for renewable energy in 2013 (via Reuters)

Wind industry calls for six-year phase-out of PTC subsidy (via Greentech Media)

US solar industry pessimistic on China tariffs (via AOL Energy)

DOE invests in seven US offshore wind projects (via Renew Grid)

Clean power startups aim to break monopoly of US utility giants (via InsideClimate News)

North Carolina joins US states developing offshore wind areas (via Recharge)


BMW and Boeing to collaborate on carbon fiber recycling (via BusinessGreen)

Fisker pausing production until A123 sale is finalized (via Autoblog Green)

German automakers renew push for clean-diesel sales in US (via Autoblog Green)

Nissan battery plant begins operations in Tennessee (via New York Times)

Indianapolis announces plan to modernize city fleet to plug-ins and CNG by 2025 (via Green Car Congress)

Tesla Motors made its first profit last month (via CleanTechnica)


China and US hold the key to a new global climate deal (via The Guardian)

Quebec gives green light to carbon market, linkage with California (via Green Car Congress)

“World’s first” carbon storage database to go live in 2013 (via BusinessGreen)


Britain approves fracking for shale gas exploration (via New York Times)

Tougher fracking regulations backed by 66% of US, poll shows (via Bloomberg)

Doctors urge US to block gas export terminals (via New York Times)

Weighing in on NY fracking rules (via New York Times)


Utility data analytics market to it $3.8 billion annually by 2020 (via Greentech Media)

German grid may need $55 billion to cope with renewables (via Recharge)

The top trends in smart grid analytics (via Greentech Media)

In Chicago, Bill Clinton calls for national grid to boost renewables (via Midwest Energy News)


Corporate executive fears over energy, resources hit new highs (via GreenBiz)

Corporate climate change rankings show which companies are lowering their emissions (via Huffington Post)


Ground broken on America’s largest carbon-neutral building (via Inhbitat)

Report: green schools don’t deliver energy savings (via Environmental Leader)

Built to last: Proposition 39 and California’s schools (via Huffington Post)


UK seas to gain 31 marine conservation zones (via BusinessGreen)

Will the West ever solve its water woes? (via Washington Post)

Colorado River water report released in Vegas (via Huffington Post)


Oil could still be leaking from the BP Deepwater Horizon site (via Inhabitat)


Fossil fuels dominate US energy consumption (via US EIA)

Renewable energy mix in Chicago aggregation plan remains unclear (via Midwest Energy News)


Tepco admits lack of safety and bad habits were behind Fukushima disaster (via Reuters)


In Obama’s backyard, a climate change battle in Virginia next year (via InsideClimate News)

NOAA chief Lubchenco to depart in early 2013 (via The Hill)


No get-out-of-jail-free on sea level (via New York Times)

Why SolarCity pricing low is a godsend for all of clean tech (via GiaOm)

Geoengineering expert: tinkering with climate is tempting, also ‘kind of insane’ (via Grist)

Will Keystone XL spoil your holidays? (via Climate Progress)

Fossil fuels will not help the working class. Renewables might. (via TreeHugger)


An additional listing of clean energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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