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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 12.5.13

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. 


White House claims progress with China on climate, energy (via National Journal)

Feds to get earful on Renewable Fuels Standard today (via Houston Chronicle)


Australia’s carbon fund a windfall for big polluters – analysis (via Reuters)

Large companies prepared to pay price on carbon (via New York Times)

“You are here” – Perspective on 400ppm atmospheric CO2 (via Significant Figures)


Latin America report: Gauging Mexico’s wind energy market (via Renewable Energy World)

Soft costs, not hardware costs, now dominate solar installations (via Greentech Media)

Obama orders federal government to boost renewable energy use to 20% by 2020 (via AP)

15,000 new green jobs announced across America in 3Q 2013 (via CleanTechnica)

EPA fuel mandate imperils biofuel industry, producers warn (via The Hill)

Another battle looms in the endless ethanol war (via National Journal)

ALEC calls for penalties on “freerider” homeowners in solar energy assault (via The Guardian)

California regulators may challenge utilities for blocking hybrid solar-storage systems (via Greentech Media)

Texas has been biggest earner from federal wind tax credit, finds study (via Houston Chronicle)


UN’s new climate fund opens, but without enough cash (via Climate Progress)

What surprises could climate change have in store for us? (via Washington Post)

Australia’s $10 billion climate fund fights to stay in business (via Bloomberg)

Pennsylvania’s DEP secretary nominee does not view climate change as harmful (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)


Surge in petroleum exports narrows US trade gap (via National Journal)

America’s energy boom has been great for trade. Jobs, not so much. (via Washington Post)


Will Congress drive up gas taxes in 2014? (via Forbes)

US auto fuel efficiency up 23% since 2007 (via Facts of the Day)

Are electric car sales in a long-term holding pattern? (via Plugin Cars)

Can the government tax each mile you drive? (via National Journal)

EVs lose value faster than traditional new vehicles (via Autoblog Green)

Chevy Spark EV tops EPA fuel economy guide (via Environmental Leader)

California bullet train project handed another setback (via Los Angeles Times)


Smart grid investment to hit $275 billion in emerging markets by 2023 (via Renew Grid)

Report: Power plant retirements in New England may create problems (via New Haven Register)


Leaked document shows oil sands industry’s worst-case scenario has come to life (via InsideClimate News)

The deadly secret behind the Lac-Megantic oil train inferno (via Globe and Mail)


US Agriculture Department offers $250 million in rural efficiency loans (via The Hill)

How energy retrofits can reduce the cost of healthcare (via RMI Outlet)

Not your grandfather’s streetlights: LEDs light the way to energy savings (via GreenBiz)

Future grows dimmer for classic light bulb (via Houston Chronicle)


Clogged carbon sink: US public lands are source of 4.5x more carbon than they can absorb (via Center for American Progress)

Chevron and ALEC take on the big, bad Lesser Prairie Chicken (via Huffington Post)


Colorado cities sued for fracking bans by oil and gas group (via Bloomberg)


Sutley’s exit prompts questions about fate of CEQ, climate push (via Greenwire)

Ohio lawmaker vows battle over renewables and energy efficiency laws won’t stop (via Cleveland Plain Dealer)


Is a carbon tax the sensible alternative to subsidies? (via Energy Collective)

ALEC stands its ground (via Washington Post)

How Ivy League universities are failing us on climate change (via The Nation)

Why are CEOs struggling to prove sustainability value to investors? (via GreenBiz)

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