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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 2.15.13

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable. 


A most peculiar test drive (via Tesla)

The Tesla data: what it says and what it doesn’t (via New York Times)

Five important lessons from the dustup over the NYT’s Tesla test drive (via GigaOm)

What’s at stake in the fight between Tesla and the New York Times (via Washington Post)


Climate change links to conflict draw UN’s attention (via Bloomberg)

Thinning ice turning Arctic into an algae hotspot (via Climate Central)

Drought joins US farmers in the field for spring planting (via Reuters)

GAO report adds climate change to “high risks” facing US government (via The Hill)

NOAA: February 2012 to January 2013 warmest on record (via Climate Central)

Secret funding helped build vast network of climate denial think tanks (via The Guardian)


Outlook for renewable energy projects and finance in Canada (via Renewable Energy World)

US geothermal energy grew 5% in 2012; California the leader (via Green Car Congress)

Clean energy faces hurdles in Texas legislature (via New York Times/Texas Tribune)

Texas electric grid sets new wind generation record (via Reuters)

Arizona: a state divided by solar (via Greentech Media)


US coal producer says royalty practice being probed was permitted (via Reuters)

Coal-terminal foe casts doubts on builder’s finances (via Seattle Times)


US senators propose long-shot carbon tax bill for big polluters (via Reuters)

EU urged to revive flagging emissions trading scheme (via The Guardian)

Firms pull heads from sand on climate but still unready for carbon laws (via GreenBiz)

California Air Resources Board cuts own power as part of deal with oil industry (via Greenwire)


Canada close to unveiling rules on oil sands emissions (via Reuters)

Senate Dems sequester-replacement plan ends tar sands exemption (via The Hill)


Nissan Leaf passes 50,000 units in global cumulative sales (via Green Car Congress)

Governments look for new ways to pay for roads and bridges (via New York Times)

NYC Mayor Bloomberg plans massive increase in EV parking lots (via Autoblog Green)

Test drive: DC to Boston in a Tesla Model S (via CNN Money)


Transocean convicted in Gulf of Mexico oil spill (via Houston Chronicle)


Green building: stadium tech and pro sports (via Sustainable Cities Collective)


Lessons from past natural gas imports suggest a cautious approach to natural gas exports (via The Oil Drum)

Fracking in New York State? Not for another year, if ever (via Reuters)


US ambassador warns Canada to heed Obama on energy (via Globe and Mail)

Obama acting too slowly on climate change risks, government audit finds (via The Guardian)


Newly proposed carbon tax will fight global warming, protect poor Americans, reduce the deficit (via Climate Progress)

New climate bill’s Congressional forecast: gloomy (via Politico)

Venture capitalists don’t know how to invest in the smart grid (via Greentech Media)

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