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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 2.18.13

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable. 


Green groups rally on climate, urge Obama to reject Keystone XL (via The Hill)

Canada defends climate record amid Keystone XL protests in US (via Canadian Press)

Canadian ambassador slams press coverage of Keystone XL pipeline battle (via The Hill)

Oil sands tailings leaking into groundwater, Canadian Natural Resources Minister told in memo (via

Nebraska utility says transmission project for Keystone XL will be delayed (via Houston Chronicle/AP)


Shale LPG poised to make US net exporter for first time (via Bloomberg)

Fracking is only way to achieve Obama climate goals, says senior scientist (via The Guardian)

Apache natural gas well has leak beneath floor of Gulf of Mexico (via Reuters)

Shale gas boom slows in Marcellus formation (via Christian Science Monitor/AP)

Illinois fracking rules could be strictest in America (via Midwest Energy News)


China on track to exceed targets, install 140GW of wind capacity by 2015 (via Greentech Media)

Why German solar is so much cheaper than US solar – updated study (via CleanTechnica)

Solar PV below $2/watt in Australia (via CleanTechnica)

US bioethanol makers face 5-year EU anti-dumping tariff (via Bloomberg)

New trends in financing wind power (via Greentech Media)

Wind energy records fall in Washington, Texas, Colorado (via EarthTechling)

Bill proposed in Congress would streamline US solar and wind permits (via Recharge)

Wyden floats plan to boost geothermal energy (via The Hill)

Could wind power cool New England’s price fever? (via New York Times)

Federal approval near for sprawling California wind project (via Greenwire)

Offshore wind gets another try in Maryland (via EarthTechling)


EPA says it will more closely monitor fuel economy claims from automakers (via Autoblog)

What does a sub-$20k EV mean for the industry? (via EarthTechling)

More electric car owners install home charging stations (via Green Car Reports)

ARPA-E funds $20 million to develop energy storage systems for EVs (via Green Car Congress)


Global warming affects Arctic and Antarctic regions differently (via

Extreme rainfall rises with global temperatures (via Climate Progress)

Tens of thousands demand action on climate change (via USA Today)

Secret funding of climate skeptics is not restricted to the US (via The Guardian)

Two thirds of Americans want Obama to act on climate (via Climate Central)


Direct threat to Canadian economy posed by US shale oil production (via Edmonton Journal)

Elegiac images from North Dakota’s boom (via New York Times)


BASIC countries oppose EU carbon tax model (via Yahoo! News/Hindustan Times)

Obama’s carbon “cavalry” may help revive EU market (via Bloomberg)

Natural gas isn’t the only reason US carbon emissions are falling (via Washington Post) 


Electricity costs up in gas-dependent New England (via New York Times)


Military facilities benefit from using LEED (via Sustainable Cities Collective)

The low-tech solution to big cities’ climate woes: triple-pane windows (via Grist)

Defense Department “should continue” LEED certifications (via Environmental Leader)


Misunderstanding coal in Europe (via Christian Science Monitor)

Developers drop plans for Texas coal plant (via Houston Chronicle)

After White Stallion power plant canceled, coal faces dark future in Texas (via StateImpact Texas)


NOAA head: weather forecasts at risk over budget cuts (via Climate Central)

Report points to risk of serious gap in weather satellite data (via New York Times)

The top 10 hardest-hit states for crop damage (via Climate Central)


Tesla, the New York Times, and the leveling of the media playing field (via PaidContent)

Tesla Model S owners crowdsource trip to counter NYT report (via Green Car Reports)

Sparks fly between Tesla and NYT, but here’s what matters to the rest of us (via OnEarth)


Obama faces risks in pipeline decision (via New York Times)

Keystone for climate: could Obama craft a horse trade? (via Houston Chronicle)

Obama acknowledges climate change difficulties (via Politico)

Billionaire Steyer has unique role in official Washington: climate change radical (via Washington Post)


Environmentalists and the military should play nice (via Slate)

Oil and gas feeding off each other while they fuel an economic recovery (via Forbes)

Will shale oil stop the Keystone XL pipeline? (via Christian Science Monitor)

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