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Energy And Environment News Roundup – 3.22.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


Obama to order expedited action on Keystone pipeline’s southern piece (via The Hill)

Americans favor Keystone XL pipeline (via Gallup)


Gallup poll: 46% of Americans attribute past warm winter to natural variation, 30% to global warming (via Green Car Congress)

Summer in March: more all-time March temperature records in US, Canada (via Weather Underground)

Texas drought cost $2 billion more than previously thought (via Huffington Post/Associated Press)

Mutant heat wave stomps NOAA website (via Mother Jones)

Meet the scientists mining big data to predict the weather (via Forbes)

Winter that wasn’t fuels deadly spring of weather (via ThinkProgress Green)

State-by-state look at how early spring has arrived (via Climate Central)


UK considers environmental tax to replace carbon-reduction program “burden” (via Bloomberg)

Damage to oceans could cost $2 trillion by 2100 (via BusinessGreen)

Imagining carbon emissions in underground exile (via New York Times)

Tennessee bill protects teachers who challenge evolution and climate change (via The Guardian)

Most US voters apparently aren’t catching anti-EPA fever (via Dallas Morning News)

Global sea level could rise as much as 70 feet in the future (via Red Orbit)

Climate change focus of Australian foreign affairs minister’s maiden speech (via ABC News)

Atlanta’s water war is first in a gathering flood (via Council on Foreign Relations)

Supreme Court allows Idaho couple to challenge EPA on wetlands ruling (via Washington Post)


Brazil charges Chevron with crimes over oil spill (via Reuters)

US oil drilling may not improve gas prices, study says (via Huffington Post/Associate Press)

Sanders bill would force CFTC’s hand in effort to lower gas prices (via The Hill)

Media produces, laments public ignorance on gas prices (via Grist)


Canadian clean energy manufacturers spared from rising petro-dollar job losses (via InsideClimate News)

Hawaii could be first in nation to establish ‘clean economy bank’ for energy (via Honolulu Civil Beat)

Study shows significantly higher potential for wind energy in India than previously estimated (via Berkeley Laboratory)

Total installed solar capacity in India crosses 500MW (via Panchabuta)

Third solar power company in Germany goes bust (via Energy Central)

DuPont says solar panels to cost less than TVs (via Bloomberg)


How energy companies do (and don’t) manage their water footprints (via GreenBiz)

Options for replacing 60-watt incandescent bulbs (via The Good Human)


As nuclear reactors age, the money to close them lags (via New York Times)


China to restrict coal demand, output to 3.9 billion tons (via Bloomberg)

Bellingham, WA coal terminal meeting draws 800 people (via Huffington Post)

Coal port advocates narrow the range of environmental impacts (via Crosscut)

Proposed UK coal plant would capture 90 percent of CO2 emissions (via Yale e360)


The two-timing white knight of US rare earth metals (via SmartPlanet)


Ex-CIA director: the smart grid needs to wake up to security (via GigaOm)

California jail part of microgrid project (via United Press International)

Fitch: US utility sector smart meter investment driven by public policy (via Energy Central)


Pew poll has fascinating data on fracking: 74% know nothing or little about it (via Facts of the Day)


Robotic jellyfish for US Navy powers itself with seawater (via CNET)


Obama vows to drill “everywhere we can” (via The Hill)

Obama: “we will not walk away” from clean energy agenda (via The Hill)

House GOP won’t back down on linking drilling to highways (via Houston Chronicle)

Steven Chu on Solyndra: enough already (via Politico)

Obama pushes energy policy with renewed pipeline focus (via Los Angeles Times)

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