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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 3.28.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


Gas leak on offshore platform forces evacuation in North Sea (via New York Times)

North Sea gas leak could take months to stop (via Huffington Post/Reuters)


EPA chief Jackson: ‘no plans’ to issue climate rules for existing power plants (via The Hill)

Why natural gas will be the big winner in new greenhouse gas regulations (via Time)

EPA rule may spur rush to build coal plants in Texas (via Texas Tribune)

No new coal plants! Great, but what about the old ones? (via Mother Jones)

What’s the deal with EPA carbon rules for existing power plants? (via Grist)

3 utilities that aren’t worried about the EPA emission proposal (via GreenBiz)


Nearly 69% of US crude oil imports originated from five countries in 2011 (via US EIA)

California oil refiners turn to processing dirtier, cheaper crude oil (via InsideClimate News)

Coal-to-gasoline project in Wyoming sparks hope, doubt (via Star-Tribune)

Enterprise and Enbridge to proceed with crude oil pipeline extensions to Gulf Coast (via Green Car Congress)


And you thought that heat wave was bad? (via Mother Jones)

Compost bomb is latest climate change tipping point (via The Telegraph)

Connecticut insurers take on risky challenges of climate change (via CT Mirror)

Erratic weather has Mass. Farmers fearing crop destruction (via Huffington Post/Associated Press)


German coalition strikes compromise on solar cuts (via Reuters)

India’s new energy companies being ‘crushed’ by Chinese (via Panchabuta)

How the natural gas craze will impact renewable energy (via Earth2Tech)

Towering wind turbine prototype approved off Virginia (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

Lightweight wind harvests offshore wind (via CNET)

Altaeros Energies’ floating wind turbines tap strong altitude winds (via Inhabitat)

Breaking down the costs of wind turbine components (via Midwest Energy News)


ANSI suggests national energy efficiency standards (via SmartPlanet)

SolarCity crunches data for home efficiency loans (via CNET)


The China-US-UK smart grid connection (via Greentech Grid)

Selling the smart grid (via AOL Energy)

Smart meters get chilly consumer reception (via Earth Techling)


Canadian government to streamline environmental tests for major energy projects (via Reuters)

Unregulated oil and gas pipelines raise safety concerns (via Stateline)

Offshore drilling safety panels wrap up work (via Houston Chronicle)

Massachusetts gives tentative OK to giant utility merger (via The Day)


Lessons from Richard Branson: boosting your brand with sustainability (via GreenBiz)

Thinking green at work: five tips for a sustainable small business (via Earth & Industry)

Walmart’s sustainability efforts stall under new leadership (via Triple Pundit)


Fukushima power plant damaged worse than thought, new report says (via Huffington Post/Associated Press)


Japan to promote national EV charging method for international standard (via Daily Yomiuri) 

Pike Research forecasts annual sales of electric bicycles to surpass 47M units by 2018 (via Green Car Congress)

10 EV charging lessons learned from Portland’s electric avenue (via Forbes)


Army abandons LEED certification (via Sustainable Cities Collective)


Clean water and the Spruce mine (via New York Times)

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