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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 4.1.13

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable. 


Federal agencies asked to delay Keystone over pipeline safety issues (via InsideClimate News)

Exxon Mobil pipeline leaks “a few thousand” barrels of crude oil in Arkansas (via Washington Post)

Exxon confirms ruptured Arkansas pipeline carried Canadian dilbit (via InsideClimate News)

Exxon to excavate Pegasus crude pipeline to find cause of leak (via Houston Chronicle)


Countries in Asia cutting carbon faster than Europe (via Climate Central)

Enviro groups want Supreme Court to review power plant air pollution ruling (via The Hill)

Northeast US states fight carbon emissions with renewables (via EarthTechling)


Japan approves 10% solar feed-in tariff cut (via Recharge News)

Solar roof highways: India’s road to new power? (via EarthTechling)

Current solar module efficiency nowhere near its potential (via CleanTechnica)

America’s biggest utility power provider gets into the distributed-energy game (via Grist)

States cooling to renewable energy (via Wall Street Journal)

New York spends $47 million for 76 large on-site solar projects (via Energy Manager Today)

Solar investments to yield millions for local school children (via Greentech Media)


Israel taps large offshore natural gas field (via New York Times)

Saudi Arabia’s shale gas challenge (via Asharq Al-Awsat)

As fracking proliferates in Texas, so do disposal wells (via Texas Tribune)

Ed Rendell’s plea for New York fracking fails to disclose industry ties (via ProPublica)


EPA proposes Tier 3 standards for gasoline sulfur content and vehicle emissions (via Green Car Congress)

Opponents attack EPA proposal requiring cleaner fuel, cars in US (via Washington Post)

Automakers unwrap hybrids to meet tough fuel standards (via Detroit News)

As potential investors back away, Fisker retains bankruptcy law firm (via Los Angeles Times)

Tesla Motors reaches profitability on brisk Model S sales (via San Jose Mercury News)

Consumer electronics are driving battery advances (via Plugin Cars)


Europe to be battered by Sandy-style superstorms (via New Scientist)

A glorious winter, but Alps face warmer world and huge changes (via The Guardian)

Study: global warming means seas freeze more off Antarctica (via Scientific American)

Nature’s thermometers say spring is springing earlier by 3 days per decade (via Weather Underground)


With Illinois coal hot, environmentalists demand reforms to mine permit system (via Midwest Energy News)


Cost of environmental damage in China growing rapidly amid industrialization (via New York Times)

China’s exploitation of Latin American natural resources raises concern (via The Guardian)

Haiti to plant millions of trees, double forest coverage by 2016 (via Inhabitat)

Mystery malady kills more bees, heightening worry on farms (via New York Times)


Global microgrid market will pass $40 billion in annual revenue by 2020 (via Navigant Research)

National power panel set up for better grid supervision in India (via Panchabuta)

Distributed energy: driving the ghosts out of the machine (via Grist)


A “China Dream” – more efficient than the American one (via Midwest Energy News)

Red states use 55% more energy, produce 80% more carbon emissions (via Sustainable Business)

USDA offers funding for rural energy efficiency projects (via Energy Manager Today)

Study says mandatory energy benchmarking not worth the cost (via Environmental Leader)


How the US oil, gas boom could shake up global order (via NBC News)

Amid austerity, how can Washington spur new energy technologies? (via National Journal)

Salazar’s legacy: win some, lose some (via Houston Chronicle)

Will driverless cars solve our energy problems or just create new ones? (via Washington Post)

Is the US economy getting more energy efficient or not? (via Greentech Media)

Bill McKibben’s lesson for business in the age of climate change (via GreenBiz)

Exxon oil spill in Arkansas seeps into Keystone debate (via Globe and Mail)

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