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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 4.11.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


Smart grid spending to reach $46.6B by 2015, software and IT valued at $2.9B by 2017 (via Environmental Leader)


Natural gas drilling causes sizeable methane leaks, study says (via Yale e360)

Fracking bill moves forward in California legislature (via Los Angeles Times)

Issue of flaring flares up in North Dakota & Texas (via Facts of the Day)


EU wind power industry: 520,000 employed by 2020 (via Sacramento Bee)

Kyocera reveals plans for Japan’s largest solar farm (via BusinessGreen)

California on top with $2 billion in wind power investment (via Los Angeles Times)

Fukushima to be new geothermal site? (via United Press International)

Renewable sources of power survive, but in a patchwork (via New York Times)

Wind power seen surging as custom barges cut set-up costs (via Bloomberg)

Despite Obama move to cut ‘red tape,’ proposed Great Lakes wind farms still snarled in it (via ClimateWire)

Offshore wind power spotlight turns to Virginia (via Earth Techling)

Michigan shifts its focus away from renewable energy (via Bridge Magazine)

Connecticut Oks $1.4M to make solar system installation more affordable (via New Haven Register)


FERC wants more info on proposed Duke-Progress Energy merger (via Charlotte Observer)


Industrial energy management market to grow 21.6% a year to 2020 (via Environmental Leader)

Rethinking on-demand energy storage (via Earth2Tech)

Xtreme Power to build 3MW battery for Alaskan wind farm (via Greentech Media)


Rising oil prices cost importing countries $5.5 billion a day (via Greenbang)

Gulf could see busiest drilling year since BP spill (via Houston Chronicle)

Oil traders defy Naimi pledge, betting on higher prices (via Bloomberg)

Summer gas prices to peak in May at average $4, says government (via Washington Post)


In California, a retail EV fast-charging first (via New York Times)

Truckers are delivering better fuel efficiency (via Los Angeles Times)

EV Grid to pioneer vehicle-to-grid technology (via Greentech Media)


Misgivings raised as Nebraska prepares to speed Keystone XL review (via InsideClimate News)

Tar sands in the United States: what you need to know (via Desmogblog)


How to green your business (via The Good Human)

4 green job trends sustainability professionals need to know about (via GreenBiz)

Solar thermal STEP method could make cement production greenhouse gas-free (via Inhabitat)


Can a Chinese trade group make rare earth minerals greener? (via GreenBiz)


Very few countries have cut their carbon emissions without cheating (via Washington Post)

Big shifts in summer heat tied to death risk for thousands (via Boston Globe)

Climate change could cripple New York City’s transportation (via Climate Central)


Subtly selling ‘green’ to the flat-screen crowd (via New York Times)

Shopping meccas try hand at being energy misers (via New York Times)

New World Trade Center a model for urban energy efficiency (via Earth Techling)

Chicago getting 1,200 energy-efficient streetlights (via Chicago Sun-Times)


Poll shows Obama’s gas price troubles persist (via The Hill)

Natural gas, renewables big factor in presidential pick, poll finds (via Houston Chronicle)


Time for a reset on our clean energy future (via Forbes)

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