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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 4.12.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


Keystone XL pipeline bill wins approval in Nebraska state legislature (via Lincoln Journal-Star)


India says EU airline tax deal breaker for climate talks (via Bloomberg)

US new vehicle fuel economy hits 24.1 mpg, another record, in March (via Autoblog Green)

Feds will invest $4 million to help develop wireless EV chargers (via Autoblog Green)

California-NRG charging stations deal has industry in an uproar (via San Jose Mercury News)


Renewable energy investment plunges to three-year low in first quarter 2012 (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

World’s largest solar thermal plant online in Saudi Arabia (via United Press International)

Iceland’s volcanoes may power UK (via BusinessGreen)

UK clean energy investment tops $9 billion in 2011 (via BusinessGreen)

Pentagon’s clean energy initiatives could help troops – and President Obama (via National Journal)

US military targets 3GW of renewables on bases by 2025 (via Recharge News)

BrightSource pulls its solar IPO plan (via Earth2Tech)

Study: no relationship between renewable energy targets and higher electric rates (via Climate Progress)

Cape Wind chooses its wind farm builders (via Cape Cod Times)

Nstar chief knew which way wind was blowing with Cape Wind (via Boston Globe)


Record Saudi state spending likely as oil revenues surge (via The National)

Two years on, the seven lessons to be learned from Deepwater Horizon (via Platts)


Study: significant additional transport policy interventions required for Europe to meet GHG reduction goal (via Green Car Congress)

Climate change won’t boost plant performance (via TG Daily)

Chu: climate change evidence mounting (via The Hill)

Have US emissions peaked? (via Energy Collective)

Tennessee enacts evolution, climate change measure (via Sacramento Bee)

Study links raised carbon dioxide levels, ocean acidification, to oyster die-offs (via New York Times)

HuffPo science editor asks readers: is climate science true? (via Grist)

Why a warm winter equals early wildfires (via Time)


As natural gas drops below $2, what does it mean for power? (via Platts)

Total says it could stop North Sea gas leak in weeks (via Houston Chronicle)


McDonald’s joins rush to the exits over ALEC controversy (via Triple Pundit)


Utility company leader says national energy policy tipped toward regulatory agencies (via The Oklahoman)

China sets waste-to-power price double that of coal-fired plants (via Bloomberg)


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