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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 4.23.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


US regulators to examine electric car battery safety (via Bloomberg)

IBM speeds push for 500-mile EV battery (via CNET)

Royal Caribbean ships to cut up to 20% of energy, GHGs (via Environmental Leader)

Will California’s ZEV mandate expand across the country? (via Autoblog Green)


EU vote on tar sands oil delayed until 2013 (via Reuters)

All down the line: the economic and environmental impact of Keystone XL (via StateImpact Texas)


US, Britain to develop floating offshore wind technology (via Bloomberg)

Japan may announce preferential rates for clean energy in April (via Bloomberg)

Congressional bill slashes funding for clean energy investment (via Greentech Media)

US offshore wind farms: the race is on? (via AOL Energy)

Project to map ‘every US commercial rooftop’ for solar potential (via Environmental Leader)

What if making biofuel means growing dangerous invasive species? (via Good)

Electric co-op contracts for 44 solar projects (via Cape Cod Times)

NYPSC approves doubling solar incentive funds (via Albany Times-Union)

Wind-power blimp takes to the air (video) (via CNET)


A push to make motors with fewer rare earths (via New York Times)

Honda debuts ‘world’s first’ rare earth auto recycling plan (via BusinessGreen)


New climate threat as methane rises from cracks in Arctic ice (via The Independent)

Climate change has outsize effect on corn price volatility (via Climate Central)

Insurance companies face increased risks from warming (via Yale e360)

GE, Ford leading US climate adaptation efforts (via BusinessGreen)

Northeast states cutting CO2 emissions faster than rest of US (via Inside Climate News)

CO2 injection plans moving along in Montana (via Great Falls Tribune)

Weather Underground launches new local climate change section (via Weather Underground)


Oil spill commission chief: BP has ‘learned its lesson’ in the Gulf (via The Hill)

Interior: rules for subsea oil-well blowout preventers en route (via The Hill)

Study sees $69 billion in savings on fuel by 2030 (via Detroit Free Press)


China faces 30-40GW summer power supply gap (via Reuters)

Unearthing the truth behind environmental regulations (via Forbes)


Fracking-linked earthquakes spurring state regulations (via Bloomberg)

Expert: Gas, not EPA, choking coal plants (via United Press International)

EPA resumes groundwater testing in Pavillion area (via Houston Chronicle)


Germany’s nuclear power phaseout turns off environmentalists (via Los Angeles Times)


The app that zaps junk mail – and the postal service (via Forbes)

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