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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 4.26.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


Austria decides to forgo importing nuclear power by 2015 (via EnergyCentral)

Small nuclear reactors generate hype, questions about cost (via St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Calls for closure of San Onofre reactor (via EnergyCentral)


Indian solar boom faces challenges (via Livemint)

UK government aims to ignite biomass industry with new strategy (via BusinessGreen)

Power generation from solar PV costs double as compared to wind (via EnergyNext)

Biogas market to reach $8.9 billion by 2017 (via Environmental Leader)

UK’s Cameron sees North Sea as green energy hub (via Reuters)

Head of Japan’s FIT panel backs generous rates for renewables (via Recharge)

97 percent of Americans overestimate cost of home solar (via Greentech Media)

Solar panels cause clashes with homeowner groups (via Houston Chronicle)

Connecticut’s $1 billion renewable energy play (via Earth Techling)


US coal consumption fell while exports increased during fourth quarter 2011 (via US EIA)

The coal port issue is spreading all over the Northwest (via Crosscut)


Antarctic ice melting from below by warming ocean (via Mother Jones)

Governments failing to avert catastrophic climate change, claims IEA (via BusinessGreen)

BNEF: stricter EU carbon target would cost a few cups of coffee (via BusinessGreen)

Report says 40 percent of the public breathes unhealthy air (via The Hill)

Clergy lobby Congress to combat global warming (via Associated Press)

Is this Alaskan village home to the first US climate change migrants? (via RTCC)

While the weather’s weird, talk about climate change (via Good)

Urban heat effect drives faster tree growth, study says (via Yale e360)


NHTSA will hold electric vehicle li-ion battery safety symposium (via Autoblog Green)

EV Project collects more than 24 million miles of EV operating data since inception (via Green Car Congress)

Coda plans second electric car, withdraws DOE loan application (via Green Car Reports)

A roadmap to climate-friendly cars (via Climate Central)


Russian-Italian pact opens Arctic Ocean to drilling (via New York Times)

Seizure of Repsol affiliate in Argentina stuns oil markets (via Washington Post)

Iran considers halting nuclear expansion to avert EU oil embargo (via Houston Chronicle)

Norway’s Arctic oil bonanza gets reality check in pipe limbo (via Bloomberg)

Group plans lawsuit to force SEC oil disclosure rules (via The Hill)

Judge to hold hearings on Gulf oil spill settlement (via Houston Chronicle)

Study: North Dakota must prepare for oil boom to end (via Midwest Energy News)


Utility deals down (slightly) in 2012 (via Greentech Media)


New Keystone XL route: out of the sandhills but still in the aquifer (via InsideClimate News)


Smart systems protect power grids and handle extreme weather (via AOL Energy)


Algae technology cleans up fracking (via SmartPlanet)

Where does Pennsylvania’s fracking wastewater go? (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)


Obama vows to fight for climate action, make global warming a key 2012 issue (via The Hill)


Public split over elimination of US energy subsidies, poll finds (via Los Angeles Times)

Why we pay too little for energy (via Washington Post)

Mr. Obama needs to show he’s serious about climate change (via Washington Post)

Framing climate change as a human rights issue (via ecoAffect)

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