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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 4.30.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


China’s looming conflict between energy and water (via Yale e360)

Japanese power utilities post record losses for 2011-2012 (via Platts)


US “dirty oil” imports set to triple over next decade (via CNNMoney)

TransCanada to soon re-file for Keystone XL approvals (via Reuters)


Study: wind farms may have local warming effect (via Reuters)

German solar installs almost double last year’s, regulator says (via Bloomberg)

Australia becomes one of the first countries to achieve grid parity for solar (via EnergyNext)

Japan targets 13% rise in green energy by 2013 (via BusinessGreen)

Why solar will thrive in India: coal is a mess (via Earth2Tech)

UK and Denmark study subsea link to share renewable power (via Recharge)

Merkel’s green jobs ambition stalls with solar cuts (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

How India jump started its solar economy (via Good)

Cincinnati to provide 100% “green” electricity (via Cincinnati Business Courier)

Oklahoma State University moves forward with wind power project (via Daily Oklahoman)


How’s the world doing on its climate goals? Not so well (via Washington Post)

Japan’s environmental plan includes controversial greenhouse gas target (via Nature)

Report: China doing most global warming abatement, global emissions to peak in 2016 but still not enough (via CleanTechnica)

Study: GHG emissions from palm oil biofuels could be worse than oil sands fuels (via Green Car Congress)

The EPA’s most important decision this year could be over…vegetable oil? (via Washington Post)

Rising tide in Norfolk, Virginia (via Mother Jones)


Some cars to be as clean as electric train travel by 2020 (via Autoblog Green)

California EV charging deal aims at the masses (via Earth Techling)

Innovators scramble to find funds (via Detroit Free Press)


China grid slowdown hurts Siemens, ABB (via Greentech Media)

Siemens puts two virtual power plants into operation (via Green Car Congress)


Greater Miami to launch $550 million energy retrofit fund (via Forbes)


EU urges natural gas partner Russia to back carbon capture (via Reuters)

Next frontier for US natgas surplus could be in the sky (via Platts)

PA’s natural gas production doubles in 2011; provided 1/3 nation’s increase (via Facts of the Day)


We’re half-assing the clean-energy transition (via Grist)


Obama’s green team comes out swinging (via The Hill)

GOP to turn up Solyndra heat (via Politico)

Over-the-top attacks on Obama’s green-energy programs (via Washington Post)

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