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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 5.30.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable. 


EU greenhouse gas emissions rise despite climate change policies (via BusinessGreen)

UK energy policy may fail to meet carbon goals, IEA says (via Bloomberg)

Cascading species shift looms in fire-starved Eastern woods (via Greenwire)


Enbridge restarted ruptured oil pipeline twice during 2010 Michigan oil spill (via InsideClimate News)


Report: US-China tariff’s impacts on solar project costs will be small (via Renewable Energy World)

Spain ejects clean-power industry with subsidy cuts (via Bloomberg)

Technology improving geothermal energy economics (via AOL Energy)

Cheap natural gas prompts Energy Department to soften its line on fuel cells (via New York Times)


IEA: global best practices needed in shale gas boom (via Houston Chronicle)

Natural gas rebranded as green energy by EU (via The Guardian)

Seeking disclosure on fracking (via New York Times)

Chesapeake Energy: everything you need to know about the “world’s biggest fracker” (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)


An accelerator lab for battery startups launches (via Earth2Tech)

Data center energy management system can cut power use by 50% (via Treehugger)

Meet the world’s highest-scoring LEED building (via EarthTechling)


How will nuclear plants stand up to quakes and floods? (via New York Times)

San Onofre power plant operated for decades with vulnerable backup power (via Huffington Post/AP)


Germany’s Merkel throws weight behind $24bn grid overhaul (via Recharge)

Seasonal hydroelectric output drives down wholesale electricity prices in the West (via US EIA)

Illinois rejects Ameren’s smart grid plan (via Greentech Media)


Even in coal country, the fight for an industry (via New York Times)

Seattle City Council passes resolution opposing transportation of coal through city for export (via Green Car Congress)


Three quarters of Americans say they would consider an ‘alternative’ vehicle (via Climate Progress)

Nissan testing peak-shaving services from Leaf EV to building (via Green Car Congress)


Report shows UK green economy grew by 5.4 billion in 2011 (via Inhabitat)

With latest corporate defection, Heartland Institute losses now exceed $1 million (via Climate Progress)


Once again, with feeling: more science will not cure climate skepticism (via Grist)

Why the shale gas industry needs regulations for fracking (via Time)

Why regulating gas fracking could be cheaper than the alternatives (via Washington Post)

Is the Obama administration traveling upstream on plug-in cars? (via Autoblog Green)


Additional energy and climate-related news can be found at Climate Progress 

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