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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 6.14.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


Shale boom to fuel 1.5 million jobs by 2015, study says (via Houston Chronicle)

Global gas glut narrowed, coal surged in 2011 (via Reuters)

US shale gas going nowhere fast as LNG (via Platts)

Cleantech meets fracking: greening a controversial practice (via AOL Energy)

Cuomo wants to limit fracking to five New York counties (via Bloomberg Businessweek)


China carbon emissions may be overstated, says Chinese climate change scientist (via Reuters)

EU report on carbon market due before August (via Bloomberg)

Canadian insurer and university join in first national plan to ease climate risks (via ClimateWire)


Solar surpasses wind as top global renewable energy investment (via Sustainable Business)

MIT develops solar surface that cuts silicon use 90% in PV cells (via Inhabitat)

The US solar market is booming this year (via Earth2Tech)

Offshore wind sector unveils plan to be cost competitive by 2020 (via BusinessGreen)

US solar-panel demand expected to double in 2012 (via Wall Street Journal)

US solar grew 85 percent in first quarter (via Bloomberg)

Study determines feasibility of floating wind turbines on OCS (via CleanTechnica)


Canada seeks alternatives to transport oil reserves (via New York Times)

Oil sands must do ‘heavy lifting’ to meet Canada climate goals (via The Globe and Mail)


2012 US wildfire forecast (via Mother Jones)

In California, no taboos over coastal climate threats (via InsideClimate News)


China threatens to impound aircraft over EU emissions policy (via Environmental Leader)

China-Japan group to buy Saab, turn it into electric-car brand (via Green Car Reports)

Toyota Prius plug-in vehicle-to-home tests in Japan (via Autoblog Green)


US oil imports drop 30 percent in 7 years and are still falling (via Facts of the Day)

Divided OPEC debates cutting production, propping up oil prices (via Washington Post)

OPEC is worried about cheaper oil. Why isn’t Saudi Arabia? (via Washington Post)

Interior Department lays groundwork to approve Shell’s Arctic drilling plan (via The Hill)

Water grab in Kansas oil boomtowns (via CNN Money)


California grid hits record solar generation peak (via Greentech Media)

Auction your roof, and other ways of streamlining distributed energy (via Grist)


Coal-fired utilities say they are getting shafted by railroads (via Forbes)


The best (green) ideas money can buy (via Marc Gunther)

Study shows stock prices rise after companies disclose carbon emissions (via Triple Pundit)


What New Mexico can teach us about storing nuclear waste (via Washington Post)


Ok, so how many gigatons is it, China? (via The New Fuelist)

The US has a natural gas glut; why exporting it as LNG is a good idea (via Forbes)


Mitt Romney worked to combat climate change as governor (via Los Angeles Times)

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