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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 6.15.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


Arctic sea ice dips below ominous milestone, extent may be lowest in history (via Mother Jones)

Australia sets aside 40 percent of its waters for protection (via Mongabay)

Colorado wildfire could burn all summer, officials fear (via Los Angeles Times)


NRC study on earthquake potential from fracking arrives Friday (via The Hill)

Report: unconventional gas supported 1 million jobs in US by 2010, helped fend off depression (via Facts of the Day)

North Carolina fracking approved by state legislature environment committee (via Huffington Post/AP)

Chesapeake to renegotiate 4,400 New York State natural gas leases (via Reuters)

New Jersey considers barring Pennsylvania fracking wastewater (via StateImpact Pennsylvania)


Switch flicked on world’s largest offshore wind farm (via BusinessGreen)

88.8% of Brazil’s electricity comes from renewable sources (via Renewables Biz)

Japan to set clean-energy subsidies matching panel proposals (via Bloomberg)

Japan’s generous solar FIT ‘will open door to foreign firms’ (via Recharge)

China, Denmark to boost green tech trade (via Reuters)

Chinese offshore wind projects tied up in limbo by red tape (via Recharge)

Installers on top in solar field (via Wall Street Journal)

SolarCity gets new $250 million fund from US Bancorp (via Greentech Media)


China to regulate residential power use in new trial (via Global Times)

Largest smart grid demo project in US kicks off this fall (via IEEE Smart Grid)

Disaster awaits US power grid as cybersecurity lags (via CNET)

California’s electric power market faces challenges heading into summer (via US EIA)


The world’s fastest growing fossil fuel: coal reaches 30% share of global energy market (via Climate Progress)


EU lowers sights for first binding energy efficiency targets (via BusinessGreen)

20,000 and growing: LEED for homes surpasses milestone (via Mother Nature Network)

DOE corporate energy conservation effort adds participants (via USA Today)

For energy efficiency, Chu’s law is on the way (via Greenwire)


Australia trims number of firms liable for national carbon tax (via BusinessGreen)

The cost of disaster: putting a price tag on climate change (via GreenBiz)

Pressured, EPA proposes soot limit (via New York Times)

Challenge to New York’s participation in RGGI system fails (via New York Times)


Despite price drop, OPEC keeps production limit (via New York Times)

Oil companies that caused climate change now fear its financial impacts (via Climate Progress)


Renault ZOE shatters distance record for an electric car (via Green Car Reports)

Ford pledges to cut energy used in automaking 25% by 2016 (via Bloomberg)

An electric future for Saab, but who provides the power? (via New York Times)

car2go expands operations in Canada and US (via Green Car Network)


Inside Koch world (via Politico)

Unpredictable clean-energy policies hurt US economy internationally, Senator says (via Bloomberg)


Why are institutional investors ignoring climate change risk? (via GreenBiz)

Why climate polls don’t mean much (via Grist)

The road to Rio goes through Mexico: connecting the G20 Summit to the Rio+20 Conference (via Climate Progress)


Additional climate and energy news is posted at Climate Progress

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