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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 6.21.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


Alberta expects oil sands output to more than double by 2021 (via Reuters)

Second tar sands pipeline oil spill in Alberta in two weeks (via Huffington Post/Reuters)

Enbridge restarts Alberta pipeline after oil spill (via Reuters)


New research shows climate change will worsen global hunger (via USA Today)

Three hurdles for South Korea’s emissions trading scheme (via Council on Foreign Relations)

Connecting the dots: how climate change is fueling western wildfires (via Climate Progress)

Colorado’s High Park wildfire follows in pine beetle’s tracks (via ClimateWire)

North Carolina legislature rejects sea-level outlaw bill (via Star-News)

Report: outdoor recreation industry jobs outnumber those in oil and gas nearly 3 to 1 (via Climate Progress)


Reports say growth of world’s renewables being underestimated (via Yale e360)

Study: bigger wind turbines are greener (via United Press International)

N. African desert renewables plan ‘would cut EU’s power bill by $42 billion’ (via Recharge)

More US companies calling for extension of wind power tax credit (via Revmodo)

Commercial solar now cost-competitive in US (via CleanTechnica)

Groups rushing to save green energy in military’s biofuels initiative (via Politico)

Searing questions on massive solar experiment in Mojave Desert (via Los Angeles Times)


Oil drops below $80 to 8-month low on US supply, Europe (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

Record-setting Gulf of Mexico offshore drilling auction nets $1.7 billion (via Houston Chronicle)


Clean diesels to represent more than 12% of global light-duty vehicle sales by 2018 (via Green Car Congress)

Germany could miss 2020 electric car target (via CleanTechnica)

Young motorists driving far less than even 10 years ago (via Autoblog Green)

CA Gov. Brown to scrap environmental exception for bullet train (via Los Angeles Times)

DC bike sharers save $819 a year (via Sightline Daily)


World leaders call for new metrics to measure sustainability at Rio+20 (via Climate Progress)

UK carbon reporting victory promises boost for green businesses (via BusinessGreen)

Canada’s oil insiders want a carbon tax (via The Tyee)


Germany’s $25 billion grid upgrade cost may be just the start (via Recharge)

1.2 trillion metric tons of CO2 in transmission power line losses (via Greentech Media)

Bill to keep lights on and protect power utilities advances in House (via Houston Chronicle)


Automated demand response market to hit $1.7 billion by 2018 (via Environmental Leader)

China’s rare earth reserves declining, will we turn to urban mining? (via TreeHugger)


Getting natural gas, solar, and wind to play well together (via Greentech Media)

Non-renewable energy sectors face a hiring crunch (via Midwest Energy News)

Chicago mayor backs plan for bulk electricity purchases by city (via Chicago Tribune)

In Western Pennsylvania, an energy boom not visibly stifled (via New York Times)


House of Representatives to advance GOP-led energy bill (via The Hill)

Senate move to reverse EPA mercury rule fails (via New York Times)

EPA wears the election-year bull’s-eye (via Politico)

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