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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 6.22.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


Japan to provide $3 billion in green economy aid to developing countries (via EnergyNext)

UN chief unveils clean energy pledges, investments (via Reuters)

An earth summit draws on oil, mining, and utility largess (via New York Times)

In Rio, disappointment, discontent, and a few silver linings (via Grist)

As disappointment spreads at Rio+20, will public-private commitments fill the gap? (via Climate Progress)

A tepid agreement takes shape at Rio+20 summit (via Yale e360)


EV battery costs will fall to $250/kWh by 2015 (via Autoblog Green)

8 development banks commit more than $175 billion to sustainable transport (via Green Car Congress)

Tesla’s Model S electric car is finally here (via Earth2Tech)

UPS to put 150 plastic-body delivery trucks into service (via New York Times)

Chu: US must become leader in low-cost electrical vehicles (via Detroit Free-Press)

Report: natural-gas trucks economical without incentives (via The Hill)


Trade war escalates: Chinese seek duty on US silicon (via Renewable Energy World)

Bright times: ranking the G20 nations by renewable energy (via Time)

Solar power expected to reach grid parity in India by 2017 (via EnergyNext)

Queen’s paycheck gets lift from Crown Estate’s wind farms (via Bloomberg)

Ebay to build huge Bloom Energy fuel cell farm at Utah data center (via Earth2Tech)

Arizona regulators undermine their RES, kick off solar fight (via Greentech Media)

350MW solar PV project approval a first on US Indian reservations (via Recharge)

University of Iowa students create energy map to ID untapped renewables (via Press-Citizen)


Dreaming up whole new carbon markets (via New York Times)

Global demand for air conditioning forces tough environmental choices (via New York Times)

Some like it hot (or cold): how weather affects carbon emissions (via Grist)

China’s ‘waste to power’ plants burn more coal than trash (via Forbes)

Texas climate & carbon exchange opens for global trading (via Triple Pundit)


House votes to give Gulf states billions more in offshore oil revenue (via The Hill)


Tropical forest deforestation emissions may be a third of prior estimates (via Bloomberg)

How Big Ag erodes the Farm Bill’s environmental protections (via Good)


Injection wells: the hidden risks of pumping waste underground (via ProPublica)

New Chesapeake directors have big M+A experience (via Forbes)

Should companies get fined for causing man-made earthquakes? (via Houston Chronicle)


Green building’s ‘new normal’ (via Sustainable Industries)

DOE energy efficiency centers to train building operators (via GreenBiz)


Legislative mix-up sets back Keystone XL bid (via Politico)


Five ways to avert the looming US renewable energy crisis (via AOL Energy)

Where now for US wind? Turbine makers give their verdict (via Recharge)

Tackling global warming in 21 easy steps (via Washington Post)


An additional roundup of energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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