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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 6.26.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


Oil economists predict growth until 2030 (via Aftenbladet)

Oil stocks biggest losers in world energy transformation (via Bloomberg)

Investors getting cold feet about Arctic oil prospecting (via The Guardian)

US gas prices plunge 15 percent since early June (via CNN)

Shell tests Arctic capping stack for feds (via Houston Chronicle)

Concessions to natives & regulators paved way for Shell’s Arctic drilling (via Houston Chronicle)

BP oil spill hastened loss of Louisiana marshes, study says (via Washington Post)

Wyoming oil industry pays salaries of federal workers who issue their drilling permits (via Treehugger)


Lloyd’s details “growing impact of climate change” as UN meets (via Insurance Journal)

Goodbye to mountain forests? (via New York Times)

The mystery of tropical deforestation – in two maps (via Washington Post)

Bridging the emissions gap: how to get there from here, in 21 steps (via Grist)

Midwestern drought intensifies: “I don’t remember anytime it was this dry, this early” (via Climate Progress)


Germany needs green energy master plan, says study (via Reuters)

China’s PV market set to explode if European sector collapses (via Recharge)

Solar in US will exceed 17GW by 2015 & reshape power markets (via Facts of the Day)

On green jobs and DOE loans, the jury is still out (via Politico)

Who has the most cost-effective solar FIT program? (via Renewable Energy World)

In Michigan’s renewable energy battle, voters may get final say (via Renewable Energy World)

Debate over Michigan renewable energy ballot issue heats up (via Associated Press)

Ohio backers retain vision for offshore wind (via Midwest Energy News)

Mimicking coal with crops could be a lifeline for Oregon power plant (via Greenwire)


Rio+20 closes with draft agreement, no specific targets (via Environmental Leader)


Chesapeake and rival Encana plotted to suppress land prices (via Reuters)

Fight escalates over chemical secrecy in hydraulic fracturing (via EnergyWire)

Top Obama energy aide: ‘fracking’ rules coming by year’s end (via The Hill)

New Jersey senate bans treatment of fracking waste (via New York Times)

A land owner caught between energy giants (via Reuters)


Tesla Model S offers a lesson in electric-vehicle economics (via New York Times)

New Colorado law makes it easy to sell electricity to EVs (via Autoblog Green)


ComEd’s Illinois smart grid plan gets green light (via Greentech Media)

Texas grid sets June power record, urges conservation (via Reuters)

Nest scores first utility deal in Texas (via Earth2Tech)


The dilbit disaster: inside the biggest oil spill you’ve never heard of, part 1 (via InsideClimate News)


Seismologists warn Japan against nuclear restart (via Reuters)


Cheap oil won’t save the world’s economy (via Washington Post)

Using public lands for the public good (via Center for American Progress)


An additional roundup of energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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