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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 7.11.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


US Navy unveils new shore energy policy (via Reuters)

Smithsonian recovers LED costs in 16 months (via Environmental Leader)


Global warming tied to risk of weather extremes (via Associated Press)

Global warming makes heat waves more likely, study finds (via New York Times)

Odds of record US heat being a freak event: 1 in 6 million (via Washington Post)

EPA official predicts new air pollution rule to be upheld by court (via The Hill)

Carbon: the biggest overlooked fossil fuel subsidy (via Climate Progress)


Preventable errors led to Enbridge pipeline spill, inquiry finds (via New York Times)

Keystone XL compromise route around Nebraska still crosses sandy hills (via Greenwire)


Global Q2 2012 clean tech investment falls to $1.6 billion (via Greentech Media)

China drives 24 percent rise in new global clean tech investment (via Reuters)

A123 running perilously low on cash (via Autoblog Green)


Japan presents energy mix options to public as historic FiT takes effect (via Sustainable Business)

Germany may reach 52GW solar by 2014, ending subsidies (via Platts)

Chinese wind turbine maker may bid for Vestas (via China Daily)

Non-hydro renewable electricity production up 43% since 2010 (via Facts of the Day)

Wind turbine blades push size limits (via Renewable Energy World)

House GOP puts biofuels on the chopping block (via The Hill)

Renewable fuel standard hits political divide at energy hearing (via The Hill)

Solar stat of the day: 1GW of PV in California (via Greentech Media)

Ohio offshore wind project stalls in low gear (via Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Tidal turbine’s fish, seabird impact put to test (via Earth Techling)


EIA cuts global oil demand forecast on slower economy (via Reuters)

BP suspends costly Alaskan offshore oil project (via Reuters)


US fleetwide fuel economy falls for third straight month (via Autoblog Green)

Japanese students unveil electric roadway that wirelessly charges EVs (via Inhabitat)

Zipcar continues European expansion, buys Austrian car sharing company (via Earth2Tech)

E15 fuel reaches the masses – at one station (via New York Times)

Charging forward: Environment America looks at the electric car (via Philadelphia Inquirer)

US electric car market full of spark (via Mother Nature Network/AFP)

Planes, trains, & automobiles: how global warming could derail your commute (via Climate Progress)

Electric car buyers: still put off by price (via Green Car Reports)

Who will get high-speed rail first: California or the Northeast? (via Washington Post)


Dirty diesel generators test EPA, demand response industry (via Greenwire)

Are big utilities ready for big data? (via Forbes)

Duke Energy CEO tells NC regulators that dumping Progress CEO was discussed days before merger (via Washington Post/AP)


As US sees record heat, extreme weather pummels four continents (via Mongabay)

Canadian scientists march on Ottawa to protest the “death of evidence” (via TreeHugger)

US drought puts corn, soybeans in worst state since 1988 (via Huffington Post/Reuters)

Right-wing US think tank uses FoI laws to pursue climate scientists (via The Guardian)


Building costs rise at US nuclear sites (via Associated Press)


San Francisco won’t buy Macs without EPEAT certification (via GigaOm)


Clean coal tech is ready, but there’s a catch (via Politico)


Hey look – a Republican who cares about climate change! (via Grist)

Now do you believe in global warming? (via Time)

California’s high-speed rail as an energy lifeline (via SmartPlanet)


An additional roundup of energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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