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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 7.19.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


A record heat wave pushes US belief in climate change to 70% (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

Average Chinese person’s carbon footprint now equals European’s (via BusinessGreen)

A way to trap carbon emissions deep in the ocean (via New York Times)

Climategate investigation closed – with no closure (via Mother Jones)

When national climate disasters go global: on drought, food, and global insecurity (via Climate Progress)


Peabody plans to boost exports from Gulf Coast as Pacific Northwest terminal plans stall (via ClimateWire)


China could be rare earth metals importer by 2014 (via Renewable Energy World)


UK buoys up booming offshore wind market (via BusinessGreen)

Solar industry acquisitions double over 2011 (via BusinessGreen)

The enormous potential of the other solar, solar hot water (via Greentech Media)

Mixed signals in Europe’s offshore wind market: industry on track for ‘best year ever’ but orders for new turbines slow (via Climate Progress)

Small US solar businesses suffering from tariffs on imported Chinese panels (via InsideClimate News)

Offshore wind power in Northeast US advances, slowly (via EarthTechling)

Overwhelming majority of Michigan small businesses support increase in state’s clean energy target (via Climate Progress)

Study: Illinois needs more wind-power manufacturing (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

Executives: Chinese competition sank government-backed Abound Solar (via Reuters)

Senators look to reinstate defense biofuels spending (via The Hill)

Solar startup Amonix shutters Vegas factory (via Earth2Tech)


Oil rises above $106 on Middle East tension (via Reuters)

Evidence that oil limits are leading to limits on GDP growth (via The Oil Drum)

Consumer fuel choice will drive oil independence (via Earth2Tech)

In North Dakota, the gritty side of an oil boom (via Washington Post)


Reading Chinese tea leaves: 20,000 EV sales, or maybe not (via Plugin Cars)

Is a natural gas car revolution coming in the US? (via Earth2Tech)


Why the US fracking industry worries about the weather in India (via Time)

Report finds lax inspections of New York natural gas wells (via New York Times)


How to jump-start the vehicle-based smart grid (via GreenBiz)

US Northeast power grids survive heat wave (via Reuters)

A tale of two Texas smart thermostat programs (via Greentech Media)


Extended producer responsibility would require manufacturers to collect and recycle packaging (via Good)

Why is America throwing away $11.4 billion a year? (via Forbes)


Japan to restart second reactor amid fault line concerns (via Reuters)

Japan’s Tepco baffled by criticism of its role in nuclear disaster (via Reuters)

Heat and drought pose risks for nuclear power plants (via Climate Central)

Four US nuclear power reactors shut during heat wave (via Reuters)


Nebraska agency hits TransCanada with host of questions about new Keystone XL route (via EnergyWire)

States’ pressure shifted TransCanada stance on pipeline extension (via Washington Post)


Salazar: GOP budget ‘death knell’ for conservation (via Miami Herald/AP)

House GOP renews attack on Obama’s drilling policies (via The Hill)

RNC demands emails by Chu, campaign bundler (via Politico)

Where the GOP VP candidates stand on energy (via Politico)

Critics call politics the force behind Cape Wind (via Politico)


The endless summer (via New York Times)

Why the world is coming for America’s oil (via Forbes)

Innovation needs to be part of carbon tax debate (via Innovation Files)

How schools can use less energy & spend less money without the sacrifice (via Renewable Energy World)


An additional roundup of energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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