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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.20.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


US exports of coal and fuels on track to set record (via Bloomberg BusinessWeek)


New carbon network EV batteries charge up to 120x faster (via Inhabitat)

US-backed battery maker fall to foreign competitors (via Chicago Tribune)

Older boomers help shift US driving trends into reverse (via Sightline Daily)

US Appeals Court approves higher ethanol content in fuel (via The Hill)

Fisker says Karma fire caused by fault in low-temperature cooling fan, initiates recall (via Green Car Congress)

US hits 30 bike shares in just four years (via Climate Progress)


IEA executive director wants transparency on hydraulic fracturing (via Houston Chronicle)

Texas to investigate health risk of living near drilling sites (via StateImpact Texas)


China says US support for clean energy violates WTO rules (via Reuters)

Indian government commissions study on “Green Energy Corridors” to facilitate wind energy (via Panchabuta)

A promising government energy innovation program launches in Australia (via Innovation Files)

Approval of FITs could boost Philippines’ renewables sector (via Recharge)

Five key takeaways from the US Solar Market Trends report (via Renewable Energy World)

Portrait of clean energy jobs amid election-year landscape (via Renewable Energy World)

US solar power market boomed in 2011 (via SmartPlanet)

100,000MW of enhanced geothermal in the US within 50 years? (via CleanTechnica)

Adding batteries to solar homes to ease grid pressure (via CleanTechnica)

Despite the red-meat rhetoric, Texas benefits mightily from clean energy projects (via Mother Nature Network)

Colorado goes crazy for solar gardens (via Earth Techling)


Mexico’s big oil problem – declining production (via CNN Money)

Shell official says Arctic drilling will begin this year (via New York Times)

White House says oil release is an option on the table (via Reuters)


Real-time energy monitoring emerges as top building retrofit (via GreenBiz)

Sierra Magazine releases 6th annual “Cool Schools” ranking (via Triple Pundit)

Urban growth means hotter summers; white paint can help (via Los Angeles Times)

LEED Platinum Marin Country Day School is first zero-energy classroom in North America (via Inhabitat)

Best ways to save energy (via Mapawatt)


Nuclear Regulatory Commission may study power plant health risks (via Los Angeles Times)


Pipelines, glut of cheap crude raise doubts over oil sands expansion (via Globe and Mail)

Keystone XL pipeline crosses political boundaries in Nebraska and beyond (via Washington Post)


Investment in Australian resources surging even with carbon tax (via Bloomberg)

Australia to keep fixed carbon price until 2015 (via Bloomberg)

Historic drop in US carbon emissions: is this real “weight” loss or just a fad diet? (via Climate Progress)

Obama has slowed down regulation in 2012: what will happen after the election? (via Washington Post)

Hold your rejoicing about those falling CO2 emissions until you read the fine print (via Climate Central)


Merkel’s green shift forces Germany to burn more coal (via Bloomberg)

Neighbors cite water concerns in opposition to Illinois coal mine (via Midwest Energy News)


Scientists say climate change driving Australian fish south (via Agence France Presse/Google)

World scores 60 out of 100 in new ocean health index (via Los Angeles Times)

In midst of a drought, keeping traffic moving on the Mississippi (via New York Times)

National parks face severe funding crunch (via Washington Post)


Sizing up the Romney and Obama energy plans (via National Journal)

Obama and Romney energizing their bases by muddying coal and wind (via Forbes)

Could treehuggers determine the US presidential race? (via Green Car Reports)


An additional listing of clean energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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