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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.22.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


Federal appeals court tosses EPA cross-state pollution rule (via Midwest Energy News)

Scientists develop new material that could cut diesel pollution 45% (via Inhabitat)


Analysts slash US power demand forecasts (via Houston Chronicle)

Fossil fuel subsidies continue to outweigh those for renewable energy (via Green Car Congress)

The energy-water nexus, 2012 edition (via SmartPlanet)

The evolution of the US power sector, in one chart (via Washington Post)


Global solar panel market to grow 15.3% through 2015 (via CleanTechnica)

US accused of killing India’s solar energy industry (via Renewable Energy World)

Distributed generation tipping point approaches (via AOL Energy)

CPV solar at record 33 percent efficiency in field (via Greentech Media)

Study: US could put a big dent in food prices by relaxing ethanol rules (via Washington Post)

2012 power surge for renewables in state legislatures, NY, NJ, MA pass new laws (via Facts of the Day)

New England governors plan massive renewable energy procurement for 2013 (via Renewable Energy World)

Iowa City could divert 80% of municipal waste to ethanol biorefinery (via Iowa City Gazette)

North Carolina Marine base building 10MW of new solar PV farms (via Jacksonville Daily News)


US court strikes down EPA rule on coal pollution (via Reuters)

Japanese company plans to convert five California coal plants to biomass (via Renewable Energy World)


UN urges countries to adopt national drought policies (via BusinessGreen)

Arctic ice melting to record low, scientists warn (via The Independent)

Drought closes 11 miles of the Mississippi River (via Revmodo)


Vogtle costs approved despite warnings of overruns and delays (via Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Utility to lay off 730 workers from San Onofre nuclear plant (via Los Angeles Times)


Exotic crops may become the norm in UK (via Climate Central)

Invasive species provide important lessons for surviving climate change (via The Guardian)

Severe heat, drought, and wildfires: state climatologist on Colorado’s “new normal” (via InsideClimate News)


Toyota to conduct plug-in vehicle charger infrastructure verification tests in Japan (via Green Car Congress)

On the road in six electric cars (via CNET)

Plastic-powered plane to fly from London to Sydney (via BusinessGreen)

Chevy Sparks up New York (via CNET)

Got a heap of Twitter followers? GM might lend you a Chevy Volt (via Autoblog Green)


Report: consumers back smart meters…once they know what they are (via BusinessGreen)

Brazil’s opt-in smart meter future (via Greentech Media)


Texas monitoring health impacts of drilling (via Houston Chronicle)


Digital green incubator announces next round of startups (via GigaOm)


Texas researchers plan comprehensive project on oil spill impacts (via Houston Chronicle)


Cloud brightening scheme should be tested over oceans, say scientists (via Yale e360)


Two billion square feet of LEED-certified commercial space (via Earth Techling)


Enbridge pipeline opponents lack national platform of Keystone XL (via Los Angeles Times)


Romney to lay out “comprehensive” energy plan (via Reuters)


It’s time green marketing grew up (via BusinessGreen)

Hey weather man, where’s the climate coverage? (via Grist)

Four ways climate activists can organize in an age of extreme weather (via Grist)

In the American West, the hottest year on record forces us to see things as they are (via Climate Progress)


An additional listing of clean energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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