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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.23.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


US oil and mining companies must disclose payments to foreign governments (via New York Times)

India considers $35 billion utility debt revamp after blackout (via Bloomberg)

An unlikely energy leader: Maryland makes a splash (via AOL Energy)

Michigan electric rates soar, but utilities say they fund green energy (via Detroit Free Press)


Texas judge rules for TransCanada in Keystone XL eminent domain case (via Washington Post)


IBM sets new world record for photovoltaic cell efficiency (via Inhabitat)

Hybrid energy device captures, stores energy in single cell (via Revmodo)

Microbes make methane from waste wind power (via Renewable Energy World)

Common metals promise rooftop solar bounty (via United Press International)

Shale gas failure offers rescue for EU green energy efforts (via Reuters)

Brazil may import US ethanol if government raises mandatory fuel mix (via Bloomberg)

UK installs 50% of world’s offshore wind, but high cost is barrier in US (via Facts of the Day)

South Africa considers 1GW annual renewables tender in future (via Recharge)

Xcel Energy’s community solar program sells out in 30 minutes (via Renew Grid)


Strange bedfellows debate exporting natural gas (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

Firm cleared to resume fracking in Dimock, Pennsylvania (via Washington Post)


New Canadian law removes federal environmental oversight from smaller projects (via Yale e360)

2012 drought is so severe, toll on Mississippi River is visible from space (via The Atlantic)

How the Midwest drought is affecting a still-recovering Texas (via StateImpact Texas)


Hybrids not dream vehicles of short-term lease crowd (via Autoblog Green)

Demand for electric buses expected to grow 25 percent annually (via Houston Chronicle)

House GOP urge White House to delay 2017-2025 fuel economy standards (via Autoblog Green)

Survey of California plug-in vehicle owners highlights charging behavior (via Green Car Congress)


Scotland opens green energy training hub (via BusinessGreen)

Vestas cuts 1,400 jobs after forecasting drop in shipments (via Bloomberg)

Colorado senators pin layoffs on wind energy tax credit uncertainty (via The Hill)


Making nuclear power with uranium scooped from the sea (via GigaOm)

Public demands role in deciding fate of troubled California nuclear plant (via InsideClimate News)


Report: most Antarctic Peninsula warming is human-caused (via Climate Central)

Carbon Trust first accredited group for verifying new carbon footprint standard (via BusinessGreen) 

New York City Council adds climate change advisory panels (via New York Times)


China to spend $372 billion cutting energy use, pollution (via Chicago Tribune)

Building energy efficiency at six times the speed (via Greentech Media)


India: forget the centralized grid, community power is here (via Climate Progress)

Toyota to participate in V2G smart grid pilot project in Indiana (via Green Car Congress)

The battle of power lines and the urban forest (via Washington Post)


Romney energy plan promises “independence” (via Politico)

Romney to declare goal of North American energy independence by 2020 (via Reuters)

Ties to Obama aided in access for large US utility (via New York Times)

Does Ryan support create challenge for Romney in critical swing state Nevada? (via Greenwire)

GOP, eschewing climate change, converge in risk-prone Tampa (via ClimateWire)


Romney’s energy plan: how many times can you say “oil” (via Grist)

Why green energy startups are now “toxic” (via CNN Money)

How Paul Ryan bankrupted a DOE energy loan recipient, and how they bounced back (via CleanTechnica)

Creating a truly level playing field: putting renewable subsidies in context (via Climate Progress)


An additional listing of clean energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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