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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.27.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


Deals show Duke and Progress cut breaks for favored customers (via News-Observer)


China plunges into carbon capture technology, seeking emissions cuts and exports (via ClimateWire)

States eye other options after court rejects cross-state emissions rule (via Greenwire)

Final test before California’s cap-and-trade program kicks off (via The Energy Collective)

Carbon tax silence, overtaken by events (via New York Times)


New NREL facility points the way to reliable, renewable energy microgrids (via CleanTechnica)

At Texas PUC hearing, a push for smart meter opt-out plan (via Earth Techling)


US solar PV market more than doubles to topple Europe (via BusinessGreen)

Data show Brazil’s wind energy market is wide open for business (via AOL Energy)

Chinese solar chamber of commerce urges détente amid trade dispute (via Bloomberg)

Price wars seen hurting solar sector in China (via New York Times)

Iceland gets 99.5% of its energy from renewable sources, but how clean is it? (via Inhabitat)

Developer commits $1.3 billion for Japanese solar plants (via Sustainable Business)

Court victory boosts prospects for residential clean energy PACE programs (via Forbes)

Florida stimulus success: the untold story of energy savings and economic development (via CleanTechnica)

Third-party owned solar PV has added $1 billion to California’s economy (via CleanTechnica)


Alberta approves Lower Athabasca Regional Plan for tar sands environmental concerns (via Green Car Congress)


Arctic sea ice to reach a record low within days (via The Guardian)

New study on giant Antarctic ice core sheds light on thousands of years of climate history (via Inhabitat)

For climate change, a possible trial could echo the Scopes Monkey case (via New York Times)

Whatever you call it, water is rising in Norfolk (via Climate Central)


Will emissions disclosure mean investor pressure on polluters? (via New York Times)

Business schools focusing on corporate sustainability trends (via AOL Energy)


Did China cause North Dakota’s oil boom? (via The Energy Collective)


GE’s Tier 4 Locomotive cuts emissions ‘more than 70%’ (via Environmental Leader)

GE says first to meet 2015 US rail emissions rules (via Reuters)


US election 2012: Romney and Obama avoid the climate change elephant (via The Guardian)

Drilling down: 5 major differences in Obama, Romney energy plans (via Houston Chronicle)

Romney would open federal lands to drilling – how much oil and gas is there? (via Washington Post)

Donors would benefit from Romney energy plan (via USA Today)

Debate over wind credit enters congressional races (via Denver Post/AP)

Citing weather, Republicans cancel first day of convention (via New York Times)


Fracking is too important to foul up (via Washington Post)

Sick of the gas tax? A mileage-based tax might be a better option (via Washington Post)

Experts weigh in: will California meet its RPS? (via Renewable Energy World)

Can ethanol cut foreign oil imports? (via Forbes)


An additional listing of clean energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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