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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 8.30.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


India approves $4.1 billion green vehicle push over 8 years (via Reuters)

Two-thirds of British consumers would consider EVs (via Autoblog Green)

Under new CAFÉ rules, plug-ins, natural gas, hydrogen cars are “incentive multipliers” (via Autoblog Green)

Study shows California high-speed rail is definitely green (via East Bay Express)

Chevy Volt broke monthly sales record in August as GM hails EV’s momentum (via Detroit Free Press)

2015 Chevy Volt will get new GM platform (via Autoblog Green)

GM says shut down of plant producing Volt due to Impala retooling (via USA Today)


France to keep shale ban until fracking alternative emerges (via Bloomberg)

LNG exports from US to Asia seen as profitable – for a limited time (via AOL Energy)

New York State can allow fracking after it gets the rules right (via Bloomberg)

Fracking goes local in New York State (via Wall Street Journal)


Global solar market now bigger than global arms market (via Facts of the Day)

China remains most attractive country for renewable energy development (via SustainableBusiness)

India’s renewable energy certificate market nosedives on poor demand (via Panchabuta)

India plans auction to double solar power capacity (via Renewable Energy World)

Chile hails groundbreaking deep geothermal well (via BusinessGreen)

Non-hydro renewable electricity generation nearly doubles under Obama (via Climate Progress)

US wind sector likely to build just 1-2GW in 2013, analyst says (via Recharge)

Loss of tax credits could cripple future of wind farms (via Renewables Biz/Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Los Angeles feed-in tariff success leads to doubling of target in 2013 (via Renewable Energy World)

Solar arrays now power 70% of IKEA’s US store locations (via SustainableBusiness)

Work begins on $30 million solar project at Volkswagen (via Knoxville News-Sentinel)


G-7 countries call for increased oil output to meet demand (via Bloomberg)

Survey shows oil industry pay still rising worldwide (via Reuters)

Congressional auditors: Interior Department has “limited” ability to gauge offshore drilling risks (via The Hill)


Low-carbon infrastructure investment driving UK green economy “success story” (via BusinessGreen)

Top 10 UK green economy stats (via BusinessGreen)

Report: 71,523 solar, efficiency, and other green jobs for Massachusetts (via Greentech Media)


A late bet on coal generation in Illinois may not pay off (via New York Times)


The carbon tax, demystified (via Grist)

Infographic – which states have the worst air (via Good)

Trial run for cap and trade market in California (via Houston Chronicle)


Tar sands mining in Utah clears major hurdle (via InsideClimate News)


Antarctic methane: a new factor in the climate equation (via Climate Central)

Arctic tipping point: a North Pole without ice (via Yale e360)

Will future hurricanes ever reach Category 6? (via Discovery News)

Helped by a warming planet, how the pine beetle is altering America’s forests (via Climate Progress)


Japan faces high costs of closing nuclear reactors (via New York Times)


Republican platform opposes UN’s Agenda 21 (via New York Times)

GOP platform: “Liberty” will protect the environment (via Mother Jones)

Obama ridicules Romney for calling new fuel efficiency standards “extreme” (via The Hill)

Energy-efficiency advocate likes Romney’s record as governor (via The Hill)


Free market hypocrisy: why do we hold renewables to different standards than fossil fuels and nuclear? (via Climate Progress)


An additional listing of clean energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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