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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 9.13.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable.


Kyoto carbon credit glut is far larger than expected, warn analysts (via BusinessGreen)

US EIA report predicts coal power will drive US emissions up 2.8% in 2013 (via Reuters)

RGGI sees fewer bidders but still raising tens of millions (via EnviroPolitics Blog)

PJM proves it is possible to both slash carbon emissions and power prices (via Facts of the Day)


Europe considers suspending airline emissions charge (via The Guardian)

Hybrids still account for fewer than 2% of new vehicles sold (via Autoblog Green)

Even with strict rules, US still lags globally on fuel economy (via Washington Post)

66% of polled Americans support more public transportation funding (via The Hill)

Can airports be green? O’Hare solar farm argues they can (via Midwest Energy News)


Global wind market moves to maturity (via Renewable Energy World)

Chinese delegation negotiates with EU officials over solar panel trade (via United Press International)

UK on brink of 4GW wind energy output record (via BusinessGreen)

Further huge boost to 2015 solar target “not on China’s agenda” (via Recharge)

German grid reaches record reliability in 2011 thanks to renewables (via CleanTechnica)

Morocco envisions 14% of power from solar by 2020 (via CleanTechnica)

Ontario to add 3GW of new power generation in next 18 months (via Reuters)

Germany to capitalize as global clean tech market tipped to top 4 trillion (via BusinessGreen)

New “Frankenstein” grass could make biofuel cost-competitive (via Revmodo)

Michigan “25 by 25” RPS measure wins key union support (via SustainableBusiness)

More jobs on the line as wind tax credit hangs in the breeze (via Midwest Energy News)

Another US solar manufacturer shuts down (via Forbes)

Seattle utility issues request for up to 150GWh of annual renewable energy credits starting in 2020 (via Renew Grid)

7 of the top 17 fastest-growing cleantech states are swing states (via Climate Progress)


IEA says natural gas glut threatens climate battle and switch to renewables (via Reuters)

Mexico utility says national natural gas imports could end by 2017 (via Reuters)

Working US natural gas storage capacity grows 3% year-over-year (via US EIA)

Natural gas development puts environmental groups in a tough spot (via Mother Jones)

Marcellus gas output jumps despite low price (via AOL Energy)


The world’s top 10 corporate carbon reporters (via BusinessGreen)

CDP report says corporations slow to act on climate change (via New York Times)

Google’s business is booming, its carbon emissions are not (via Forbes)


Quebec to close only nuclear power plant (via United Press International)


Study: food crisis imminent within next decade if no change to climate policy (via

On the fate of Asia’s great rivers (via New York Times)

US soybean reserves smallest in four decades after drought (via Bloomberg)

How drilling could threaten our national parks (via Climate Progress)


Ruling exempting first US tar sands mine from water pollution monitoring is challenged (via InsideClimate News)

Michigan residents fight uneven battle against pipeline replacement project on their land (via InsideClimate News)


Tapping the billion-dollar smart building services market (via GreenBiz)

New York is first city to publish energy data for private buildings (via Environmental Leader)


MIT develops a way to magnetically separate oil from water (via Inhabitat)

North Dakota shale oil output hits another high in July (via Reuters)


Southwestern forests may be victim of “vicious cycle” of drought due to global warming (via Climate Progress)

Florida county plans for rising seas – and the flooding that will follow (via SunSentinel)


The flawed US energy policy discussion (via AOL Energy)

What Obama would do on climate in a second term: Carol Browner explains (via Grist)

Energy infrastructure: critical to economic momentum (via Forbes)

Low-carbon projects demand a new transmission and distribution model (via Renewable Energy World)

As the economy rebounds, what if energy use doesn’t? (via Twin Cities Business)

Geoengineering faces dilemma: experiment or not? (via Climate Central)

Banking on the states for clean energy financing (via Energy Collective)


An additional listing of clean energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress 

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