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Energy and Environment News Roundup – 9.24.12

Marcacci Communications publishes a daily roundup of energy and climate news and opinion. Inclusion of articles does not mean endorsement. Client relationships are disclosed where applicable. 


Economic growth continues to drive China’s growing need for energy (via US EIA)

FERC says JPMorgan power-trading unit faces suspension (via Houston Chronicle/Bloomberg)


Decades of federal dollars helped fuel natural gas boom (via AP)

Sizing up the role of natural gas in the U.S. (via National Journal)

Environmental activists protest fracking across country (via Los Angeles Times)

Five ways to clean up fracking’s chemical act (via GreenBiz)

Shale gas frackers get excited about…a new sponge? (via Forbes)

Ohio not ready for fracking (via Columbus Dispatch)


UK onshore wind capacity breezes past 5GW mark (via BusinessGreen)

Why rooftop solar is cheaper in Germany than in the US (via Grist)

Sharp drop in number of UK homes installing solar panel following cut in subsidy rate (via BusinessGreen)

Record breaking wind energy growth in the US at risk (via AOL Energy)

Siemens to reduce US wind energy taskforce by 38% over concerns about federal tax credit (via Inhabitat)

Unusual coalitions clash over wind energy tax credit (via Washington Post)

Wind sprints to the cliff (via New York Times)

Another effort to cut solar prices: US solar permit national database (via Sustainable Business)

States look to establish green banks as federal cash dries up (via InsideClimate News)

New York State establishes solar PV initiative (via Environmental Leader)


Europe to see more than 237 million smart meters by 2020 (via Renew Grid)

What low-income utility customers want from the smart grid (Greentech Media)


Global oil exports in decline since 2006: what will importing nations do? (via Energy Bulletin)

Shell sues Greenpeace in Dutch court to halt demonstrations against Arctic drilling (via Washington Post/AP)


OECD analyzes policies and programs to foster market growth of green cars (via Green Car Congress)

Senate votes to ban US airlines from EU carbon trading system (via BusinessGreen)

EDTA: yes, federal tax incentives spur alt-fuel vehicle sales (via Autoblog Green)

The etiquette of electric car ownership (via New York Times)

GM offers big discounts to boost Chevy Volt sales (via Yahoo! News/AP)

PG&E could use electric pickups to back up grid (via Plugin Cars)


Report warns of global food insecurity as climate change destroys fisheries (via BusinessGreen/The Guardian)

New forest map shows 6% of Amazon deforested between 2000-2010 (via Environmental Leader)

Can the US win the battle against overfishing? (via Washington Post)

Former New Mexico environmental official to head EPA Region 6 (via Houston Chronicle)


Burning opposition to coal trains in Washington State (via Seattle Times)


Brazil, South Africa, India and China discuss climate change (via Washington Post/AP)

Greenland’s “ice quakes” may set a record (via New York Times)


Business groups protest California’s impending cap-and-trade market (via Environmental Leader)

Can California’s cap-and-trade program help bridge the solar financing gap? (via Climate Progress)

Information’s environmental cost (via New York Times)


An additional listing of clean energy and climate news is posted at Climate Progress

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