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Finding Your Edge

Note: this post was originally published on Applied Intuition

By Jay Buys

If you’d have told me a year ago that I’d be writing a blog post based on something I heard in a yoga class I’d have called you crazy but a few months ago Visceral dev guru Kevin Freiberger convinced me to try a class and it’s been a great experience.  (Note: If you live in San Diego and you haven’t been to MOSAIC, you’re seriously missing out.)

This isn’t a fitness blog so what does yoga have to do with anything?  In particular I want to highlight something that my local instructor, often says during class.

“Find your edge.  Our edge is where we grow.  Same actions, same results.  Different actions, different results.”

While obviously applicable to yoga poses, I think the above statement also captures a core Visceral philosophy.

In an industry that evolves and changes as quickly as ours, it’s essential to continually push limits and boundaries.  “That’s the way we’ve always done it” is an idea that perpetuates mediocrity and one that we completely shun.  Striving to always “find our edge” is what drives exceptional results.

With every new project we focus on not only doing a great job, but on pushing ourselves (and our clients) outside of the comfort zone, to “become comfortable in the uncomfortable”.  That can mean diving headfirst into the nuances of content strategy and SEO, embracing new CSS3 tricks and animations we haven’t used before, creating new mobile and responsive techniques, seeking out unique CMS plugins and social media tools to leverage or a variety of other things.

It’s a safe bet that with any new project there are opportunities to learn something new, to re-invent, to do something different, something better.  Seizing those opportunities not only ensures top quality work but it’s also what makes this industry challenging and fun. Remember that when you start your next project and figure out how you can find your edge as well.


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